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How Does Hosting a Windows Website Work

Published at 03/10/2012 01:49:12


Hosting windows websites requires you to choose a host provider. A websites can be looked at as your own virtual real estate. Therefore, in order to set it up you will need a place and an address, plus a building platform. Hosting windows websites providers are in away like real estate agents, the only difference being that they work online. This means that you need to rent a web space on a monthly basis or yearly if you can pay the entire amount at once. Servers used for hosting windows websites are very powerful machines and run on high speed connections and include firewall protection against hackers. A hosting package usually includes web site storage, one or more email addresses, a domain name registration and auto responders. A few of the packages might include shopping carts or different software applications that can run on the web site.

Hosting windows websites features

Before choosing the hosting windows website provider, you have to choose from a few options, which might include: types of operating platforms or types of script languages used to build the website. For example, you can choose besides windows, Linux as well as an alternative operating platform. Windows platforms work on windows machines and Linux platforms are designed for server applications. The script languages might refer to Perl, ASP (short for Active Server Pages) or PHP (or hypertext processor).

Depending on the operating platform you choose the type of language will be determined automatically. For instance, if you choose Windows you can work with ASP and with you choose Linux you can choose PHP or Perl as scripting languages. The good thing is that many hosting windows providers offer both platforms to their customers. There are also free options for hosting windows websites. If you have a personal blog or website, this can be a good choice. On the other side, if you want to develop a business, it’s best to get a professional hosting provider. That is because they offer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited access to domain names and many more features that aren’t found in free hosting.

Types of web hosting

There are many websites and that is why people choose virtual or shared hosting services. A shared host means that other people have access to the server’s public directory. You can choose a dedicated server if you don’t want to share that, but it will cost you extra. Generally, large businesses choose the last option.

Hosting windows websites at home

Besides these available paid options, you can choose to host your website at home. The problem is that in the long run, this might not save you time and money and you’ll surely get a headache. Usually, if you run a server at home, you might put your files in danger. There are many security issues regarding a server, and that is why specialized companies offer this kind of service. Running a server at home means a lot of work and time spent updating Windows and the applications used for your website. Even so, updating frequently simply minimizes the risk of your files being damages or accessed by someone else; it doesn’t assure you that the risk will be completely eliminated.