How To Repair Windows Without Internet
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How To Repair Windows Without Internet

Published at 03/13/2012 11:28:30


How To Repair Windows Without Internet

Every system, once in a lifetime suffers from error. Window systems are quite prone to errors. After that, it is up to the user to save the data and repair the existing partition. Windows repair is very easy and not that complicated, just by following few steps, the existing windows will again begin to function properly. The windows repair is the restoration of windows system files which are corrupted. With regular Window updates and a good antivirus, users can avoid this situation. It is strongly recommended that before performing windows repair, users must collect the important data present in the windows partition. Below we are going to discuss about the 5 most important steps for windows repair without using the Internet.

Step 1

The first step for windows repair is to boot from the operating system CD. To do that restart the computer and go to the BIOS. Change the boot priority from hard disk to the CD/DVD. If the process is done correctly, you can see a message that prompts you to press a key. In the next step, all the necessary files and drivers for installation is loaded in the memory.

Step 2

In this process, screen prompts user to press one of the 3 keys for selecting the appropriate action. It is up to the user who wants a clean installation or file repairing. It is recommended to go for a fresh installation, as this may fix any bugs or error that the user may face during the recovery process. This is an important step in windows repair. After accepting the EULA (End User License Agreement) press F8 from the keyboard to accept it.

Step 3

In the next step of windows repair, user needs to select the appropriate partition for repair or install a fresh copy of the operating system. As we want to repair corrupted files, press key R for performing the repair. After this step, the operating system will initiate the process of repairing the system files. In this process, all the system files will be deleted without deleting or modifying the data file which exists in the system. User intervention is not required in this process of windows repair.

Step 4

All the important system files will then be copied from the operating system CD to the hard disk. User can see the percent of completion on the screen. This might take few minutes because this process is dependent on the condition of the CD and the optical drive. After this, the real installation process begins. User can see the timer on the left hand side of the panel. The time, which is left for the process completion is nothing but the time left for number of process for the setup. It has nothing to do with the actual time left for the completion. It usually takes less time than the specified time.

Step 5

In the mean time, the process and the user need to answer the questionnaire such as region, language, domain, user name and password etc. After this step, the final step of the repair process starts. The system will restart, which will load the new repaired installation. Complete the step to proceed to the nest step. All the steps are self explanatory. Now the Welcome screen appears which concludes the windows repair process.


Installation process may take some time, so it is advised to be calm during the entire process.

Additional tips

Always try to create a backup of your important files because repairing process may erase your old files.