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How To Download Windows Live


The Microsoft Windows operating system has been in existence for decades, but the Windows Live branding is relatively new. Some sources state the year as 2005 when the Microsoft Corporation began slowly rebranding Windows products to include the word Live. If you have been a dedicated Windows user, going as far back as Windows XP, on to Windows Vista and Windows 7, you may have noticed this transition to new branding, especially as you download newer and upgraded versions of the applications to the PC.

For example, the native photo editing application changed from Windows Photo Gallery to Windows Live Photo Gallery between the Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. The basic function of the utility remained the same, such as being able to change the various color properties in photos.

The transition to calling products Windows Live also created a sort of suite or program of applications and utilities that many users may have always considered as separate applications on the PC. Microsoft currently calls this suite Windows Live Essentials, because it is literally all the programs that are essential to getting maximum use from a Windows-based PC.

This conglomeration of once-scattered programs makes it easier for you to find the tools that you need to accomplish tasks on the PC. For example, instead of having to open your email client to then compose a message to send photos to family and friends, you can do so in fewer steps using the Windows Live Photo Gallery application. Before you can use any of these tools, you need to download the program.


Step 1

Uninstall any previous versions of Windows applications before downloading the Windows Live suite of applications. Most PC users can click on the Start button on the taskbar and then type the word "programs" in the search box at the bottom of the Start Menu. Click on the "Programs" link at the top of the menu. Alternatively, you can use the Control Panel to access the Programs menu.

Step 2

Find all of the current Windows applications in the Programs window. Right-click on each program and then select "Uninstall." Repeat this process for each application before you download Windows Live.

Step 3

Restart your computer after uninstalling old and outdated Windows applications. This makes room for the Windows Live suite before you download the software to your PC. Restarting Windows clears uninstalled application entries from the registry.

Step 4

Navigate to the following web address for the Windows Live Essentials download: If this link is outdated, use your search engine to find the most current link.

Step 5

Click the "Download" button and follow the instructions on the screen to download the Windows Live application to your PC.


  • Alternatively, run the Windows Update service and Microsoft may send the link to download Windows Live Essentials back to your PC as a part of the list of updates.

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