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Benefits Of Having Microsoft Windows Xp


The Microsoft xp windows is simply a type of operating system for computers. This operating system is employed by many people, companies and huge industries in their daily operations. Microsoft xp windows is thus a popular operating system all over the world and offers many benefits for computer environment.


Microsoft xp windows is among the developments of Microsoft operating systems. This operating system was established in the year 2001 and was termed as the first to offer user-friendly interface. This is in comparison to its predecessors that include the Windows NT and others.

The Microsoft xp windows was simply an improvement from the earlier version of Windows 2000 and Windows Me. This operating system was made in several editions to suit various users and their needs. These editions include Windows XP home edition, professional edition and media center edition among others.


One of the greatest benefits of Microsoft xp windows is that of being a universally accepted operating system. This system is supported by all computers in every part of the world and is the most commonly used. Windows XP is also popular for businesses as it results to increased productivity. This is evident from many enterprises and companies.

With Microsoft xp windows, one also has the benefit of accessing support information if need be. Due to the high number of people employing Windows XP for their undertakings, it is highly rich in information support. Apart from the one held in the operating system, support information is also accessible from vast websites. This is provided by professionals who have years of experience with the system. This information helps users in troubleshooting any problems with the Microsoft xp windows.

The other benefit you have with Microsoft xp windows is that of software support. Microsoft Office offers a wide variety of computer software to fulfill both educational and business needs. For kids and game enthusiasts, Microsoft windows Xp offer them a great field. The highest percentages of computer games are designed with compatibility with Windows XP. There are also vast shareware and freeware software to enjoy with Microsoft windows XP.

Memory usage is the other great benefit you have top enjoy with Microsoft xp windows. This is the Random Access Memory, RAM usage with XP. Windows XP does not require high memory usage as compared to other operating systems. This is because its interface is designed to suit the lowest amount of RAM than other systems. This is a great benefit as you don’t have to go shopping for memory upgrade.

Since Microsoft xp windows is used worldwide, the availability for hardware driver is very high. All XP drivers for hardware devices are readily available in the Internet. These include drivers for cards like video and sound cards. Windows XP presents free download for such drivers thus cutting down on cost. This is in addition to driver updates that are released on regular basis.

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These are great benefits that you ought to have for your computer operating system. Microsoft xp windows lay other benefits for every user. For students and business people, windows XP offers best support for their needs. Home users are also catered for through various XP editions to simplify their tasks.

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