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How To Open a File in Windows

Published at 03/08/2012 16:10:35


Opening any windows file entails some procedures. This is what makes Windows operating system challenging to employ. It offers several ways in which you can perform a single task. There are various kinds of windows file and each entails some distinct procedure in opening. Below are some of the procedures in opening a file in Windows.

Step 1

You could opt to open a windows file while running some computer program. This is simple as any program contains a toolbar located on top. Opening a file in this situation entails clicking the File menu on the toolbar and selecting the Open option. This results to a dialog box for the Open option. The same could be achieved by combining the Ctrl + O keys.

Step 2

At the top of this dialog box is a Look In label that contains some arrow to its right. Clicking the arrow helps you find the way to the location of the windows file you want to open. The folders and files that appear in the drop down menu should contain your file. If not, you can change the File types list in order to show all files. When you find the file, click its name, File name followed by the Open button. This launches the program allied with the file.

Step 3

The other commonly employed option in opening windows file is from the folder My Documents. This is mainly where most files are stored and entails simple procedure in opening a file. The My Documents appears as an icon on the desktop that is double clicked to open the folder. A Windows explorer opens listing all the folders and files in the My Documents. You can trace the file from a folder in which it is stored. When you get the windows file, you should double click it to open but this depends on the set up of the computer.

Step 4

The other common option of opening windows file is through the Windows Explorer. The windows explorer launches by right clicking the start button on the bottom left corner of your desktop. This opens a window that is divided into columns. This division presents folders to the left and files to the right.

Step 5

The window has a scroll bar at the middle that helps in navigating to the folder containing the target file. After locating the windows file to open, you should then double click it or right click and chose the Open option. This will definitely open the program linked to the file. There are other ways to open these windows file rather than the ones discussed. These ways include using the Control button for short cuts and other ways.



Opening windows file is as simple as that. There is no great deal provided one knows how to operate a computer. The three discussed ways are the commonly applied ones when operating in Windows. There are other different files in windows operating system that follow quite the same procedure as the ones above. The only difference is on their file extensions that represent various programs.