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Much type of viruses can come in your PC through internet that can damage your windows. Things like viruses, registry errors, crashes and blue screen are few of them. Fixing all these issues is not an easy task for windows repair, especially for those people who don’t know a lot about computer and its repairing. So the easiest way most of us think is to reinstall windows or take help from a repair man. Problem in taking help from repair-man is that they will take your few hundred dollars in solving a very little problem and there might be a chance that they will take your system with them on their service center where they can access your personal data. It seems more risky to trust anyone for windows repair. Better way is that every individual should know how to solve those issues that arise in your computer, without paying anyone and you can solve your problems in a better manner. There are five steps for windows repair and achieving the batter performance from them. These five things include defragging, registry cleaning, removing junk files, updating Windows, and cleaning out malware infections.


Term Defragging is used to describe defragmenting your hard drive. It is a computer process that is used to increase the speed of your computer and will allow them to work faster. Computer reads and saves files differently. Computers divide a single file in different forms of cluster and access these clusters whenever needed. Defragmentation is the process of grouping these similar clusters in a way to minimize the access rate and maximize the speed of your computer.


Registry cleaning done by Registry Cleaner is a tool popular for windows repair that is used to remove irrelevant files. These irrelevant, incomplete, outdated files that are just taking registry space but of no use, they may cause damage on your disk. Registry cleaning is a process like cleaning dust from cobwebs and makes space for alive. When you uninstall software to make space in your computer, registry data will change. With the passage of time registry data will change and can cause a serious corrupt on your system if you will not clean it on right time.

Tips and comments

Your operating system itself needs to be updated time to time. Some software’s that were performing correctly last year may not work well this year. Update will refresh your operating system and will help you in working with increased speed. Always try to remove all the junk files from your system on right time, because they will take extra space and can harm your system in no time. Delete all cookies and temporary files from your system in order to enjoy faster speed. You should have a good anti-virus in your computer. Set it on auto scanning it will protect your computer from any malware coming from internet. Try to update your anti-virus software as early as possible because outdated anti-virus software will not work. Perform all the above mentioned steps as often as you can. They will help you in doing windows repair and you can easily save your money.

By Ali Javed, published at 03/11/2012
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