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How To Get Windows Vista For Free

Published at 03/14/2012 21:32:28


If you are looking for a free version of windows vista then the first thing that I would like to tell you here is that, there is nothing like windows vista free in the world. Although, the use of this windows is very less in the world at the moment but it doesn’t mean that you can get it for free. However, the good news for you is that, there are different ways with the help of which you can easily find windows vista free. Below is the description about some of the best ways to get it for free.

Step 1

Borrow from a friend – Windows vista free

One of the best ways to get your version of windows free at no cost is to ask a friend who already has a certified version of this Window. In this way, you can borrow the windows vista DVD/ CD from your friend and ask him about the serial number as well. This is the best way through which any one can get this windows for free. However, you will have to find a friend who is willing to sell his window to you.

Step 2

Ask a friend to buy it for you so that you can get windows vista free

If you don’t have enough money to buy your own version of windows vista or you don’t want to spend money for this purpose then you will have to find a friend who agrees to buy windows vista on your behalf. In this way, your friend will be paying the price and you will be using windows vista for free. You may need to offer something against that deal to your friend in order to remain honest in friendship.

Step 3

Search on online forums to find windows vista free

There are different online forums where you can discuss the issues related to windows and many other things. So, if you are looking for a free version of windows vista then you can easily get it from such forums. All you need to do is to make some good links and interact with as many people as possible. This will increase your chances to get new links and you will be able to find windows vista for free as well.

Step 4

Torrents are a good way to get windows vista free

If you use torrent technology then you must feel happy because you can find anything for free on these torrents. A torrent is very easy to install and it can be downloaded without any issues at all. You can put the windows vista on torrent download and watch a movie until your windows is downloaded.

Step 5

Search on the internet for such sites that are giving windows vista free

Apart from all other mentioned methods, there are many websites online that are offering such solution to their users. So, if you will conduct a search online then you will definitely find a website that is offering a free version of windows vista to its users. In this way, you can easily get this version of windows for free.