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Great Advice For Windows Antivirus


So you just bought yourself a new windows laptop and need advice on how to keep it secure and all your data safe. Well, for starters you’re right; it's very important to have good virus detection software in your computer, let it be malware, spyware or antivirus. Even a firewall can make a whole lot of difference, especially when viruses like the Zeus Trojan, the I love you, New folder virus, blaster virus and so many other worms are rotating out there infecting computers one by one. But is it enough to just have a windows antivirus? Most malware and spyware intrusions are caused by the absence of excellent firewalls and or lack of good internet security. This is why most windows antivirus programs are now including the whole deal in their software package.


When you come across some great advisors when consulting for good windows protection, you’ll see that the best recommendation would include using not just a windows antivirus but along with it, a good firewall program. This is because most antivirus software protects and detects computer viruses coming in from external sources like a flash drive or simply after the virus was copied into the computer’s memory. What they lack is good internet security, which is the main source and supplier for all computer viruses that ever existed. Hence we recommend using a good antivirus program that incorporates the concept of using firewalls and internet scans that prevent you from downloading or accessing mails and web pages with potential virus threats. These anti viruses also have a built-in computer scan system, which scans the computer’s memory for any detections of threats. If your antivirus software is always updated and running, then you shouldn’t have much of a problem. The tricky part is that most antivirus programs do not alone stand as the best. Symantec and Kaspersky are some of the best antivirus programs offering full online and local protection, but they are also some of the most expensive software out there.


Hence another great advice is to use a combination of free or cheap antivirus programs to give your computer maximum protection. You can choose to purchase a full-on version of just one good antivirus that always keeps updating itself, if you can afford it. For those who can’t we recommend a combination like Avira-free Antivirus and Comodo Internet Security? These windows antivirus programs are both free and cheap to use and have the best protection systems. Avira keeps itself updated on a regular basis, but you will only receive detection for some viruses in the free version; you may have to purchase for removal of highly dangerous viruses. Comodo internet security is well-known for having some of the best firewall protections in the industry. It also offers full local computer protection as well but in comparison with Avira, Kaspersky and Symantec, it really isn’t impressive.

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Now you have a good idea about windows antivirus programs and what is the optimal way to use them. You also now know what combinations of windows antivirus and firewall programs to look for to keep your computer safe from internet worms.

By Amara, published at 03/13/2012
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Great Advice For Windows Antivirus. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.