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How To Crack Windows Keys


What do you do when you loose your windows password? You just paid for a $200 software and now just cause you lost it’s password you can’t use it anymore. Sometimes after resetting the key to many times you can’t reset it again since the company has some security issues. Well if you get stuck in a situation like this you need to crack windows now. This procedure is good for those who want to use the windows for free as well. If you’re using a laptop or a net book that came with windows then key is probably stuck down under the laptop but you can use this procedure to upgrade to the latest windows 7 and have a working genuine windows 7 copy. Just follow the instructions to crack windows 7.

Step 1

First you need to install a few softwares to properly crack windows. Download utorrent or any other torrent downloader. You can also use the file sharing sites to download the files if you can find them. Now go to or and search for “Windows 7 plus activation tool”. When you see the results look for a torrent that has a windows 7 installer, a text document stating the key or a key generator and a activation tool. Download the torrent file and start downloading the files form Utorrent.

Step 2

You’ve probably downloaded the files now and have all the files right in front of you. Now copy all the files(the key, installer and activator) on to the desktop. Open the key file or the key generator if that’s what you found. Copy the key on a piece of paper since you’ll need it later to crack windows.

Step 3

Now burn the windows installer on a USB flash drive or a CD so you can install the windows 7 and crack windows. If you can use a different drive than the old one than that’s probably going to be helpful, although windows only installs in C drive. Now that you have the CD restart your computer and run the CD form the boot screen so it will start the windows 7 setup.

Step 4

Follow all the instructions here and insert the key you noted down before when prompted. This will only register your Windows, not make it genuine. Once the setup is done you’ll be back on the home screen. Here you have to go to local disk C or whatever Drive your old windows was in to crack windows. Go to the old windows folder and there you’ll see Users or if XP then Documents and Settings , then click on your previous user file and then the Desktop folder.

Step 5

Here you’ll find the activator you posted on the desktop before in your old Windows or unregistered windows. Copy the activator on to desktop and this will start to crack windows .

Step 6

Open the activator and then click on the “register” or “activator” button. This installation may take several minutes to start and finish. Once it is done you’ll see in the corner of the screen that you have a genuine Windows copy registered. You have successfully now crack windows.


This process can also be used to get free windows 7 but it is only one way to crack windows 7. You can crack windows in other ways as well if you look for the methods online.

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