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What Is the Windows Registry?


Windows Registry is a hierarchical database which is used to store configuration settings and Microsoft Windows Operating System options. There are settings for applications and low level operating systems components.


Windows registry contains all the data which is needed for running the software as well as the hardware on your computer. Registry is used constantly; you may use it whenever you need the information for Windows PC. There are certain hidden binary files in the information data. It is very rare that the user want to access that hidden file of Windows Registry. If anyone wants to view that then Registry Editor Accessory is being used to view the contents of Windows Registry. This registry combines the components and then gives a readable form of file.


It is very important to know how to make the backup of registry. How should we restore the damaged files in registry? It is very rare that the users edit or change the registry, as very less people know about the windows registry. You can save yourself from big problems by knowing about the registry. It is not difficult to make backup of your data. It is very important for a person to learn about registry, as it is very important for the functionality of Windows PC. Daily user of PC should know about Windows Registry.

Any changing in the registry can be risky, because any damage in the registry can stop the working of your PC. It is a fact that Microsoft does not want to have the calls for the service from ignorant people; as they call Microsoft if they edit any registry. You can face many problems if you keep on deleting the things from Program folders. Registry of Windows XP is robust and it is difficult to make it unbootable. If the PC users are less advanced then you should not take the risk of directly editing the registry.

You should have backup of Windows registry before editing any thing in your PC. For having the backup of your registry, you should copy System.dat and User.dat files or you may export some registry portion by using REGEDIT. By exporting some portion of your registry you can have the backup. By clicking on Start button, go to run and then type REGEDIT and click OK. Registry Editor will open in-front of you, and then you may select the thing; of which you want to have the back up. Select Export Registry File from Registry Menu. Select the folder in which you want to have the backup. Type the name of your backup file in the File Name box. Select the Selected Branch. Click Save button and you will have the file with .reg extension.

Tips and comments

You can remove the entry from registry by starting RegEdit; export the key which is to be modified. Select the key which is to be removed. Press the delete key or you may also right click and click delete. Exit the registry application, and you will no longer see that register in your registry editor.

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