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8 Tips For Windows Media Center


We often see Windows Media Center in most of the electronic gadgets released in the market these days, but what is it really and what can it do? Well, to begin with, the latter is a digital video recorder and at the same time a media player which was invented and developed by Microsoft. It is actually a type of application that allows its users to watch and at the same record live television shows, as well as to organize, systematize and play music and videos too.

For those who would like to get on with it immediately, here are 5 useful tips for easy usage of the Windows Media Center:

Step 1

1. In a hurry? If this is the case then you can forego the start up animation and proceed directly to work. This can be done by simply adding a custom switch to the shortcut utilized in launching the application in windows media center.

Step 2

2. Where to begin? The best place to start in your exploration is the library. This can be done through the use of switches found in the Target field.

Step 3

3. Want it quick? Go for the Quick Skip button. This button allows the user to go forward fast; it has the ability to record in just less than 30 seconds.

Step 4

4. Want it fast and easy? If this is what you are aiming for then it would be good to know that the system actually allows for combining switches. The application allows switches to be combined for as long as their programs and functions do not contradict each other.

Step 5

5. Watch and tweet? You can enjoy the shows and sounds of your Windows Media Center, while at the same time tweet on TV and this can be done with the help of a Twitter MCE extension.


This application is just one of those that are included in the various versions and models of:

• Windows XP Media Center Edition
• Windows Vista Home Premium and also the
• Ultimate and all editions of Windows 7

Note however that the Starter and Home Basic are not included in the list.
Part of the Media Center feature is that it can be utilized to play slideshows for both videos and music as well. The latter can be transported from any of the following sources:

• local hard drive
• optical drives
• Other network locations
• The users can also stream television programs as well as films through the help of selected services

Indeed the Windows Media Center has so much to offer as well as present a lot of possibilities. However, to maximize the features and services the Windows Media Center can offer one needs to really explore it well first.

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Listed above are just some of the many possibilities that can be achieved at the comfort of your home through the Windows Media Center. This application developed by Microsoft has indeed redefined the meaning of home entertainment and set a new trend in digital systems. What is important is to really study the program and take the time to explore its features in order to enjoy it more and maximize its use.

By Leah, published at 03/16/2012
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