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How To Download Xp For Windows


Windows is one of the most popular computer operating systems in the world. Due to its excellence in usability, Windows operating system is the most used operating system according to consumer survey all across the world. When choosing Windows operating system, we must keep it in mind that Windows XP is still one of the most admired versions of operating systems. Though, Microsoft has warned its users that soon Windows XP will lose its support, still millions of people use it for various reasons. Windows XP download can be done via various ways. Windows XP download will allow a user to use this operating system for the maximum functions. There are various websites where Windows XP download feature is available.

Step 1

Using Bit Torrent engines: For Windows XP download, you can go ahead and choose a torrent site where torrents related to various Windows XP versions are available. These torrent sites will allow you to download Windows XP using a small sized torrent file (Often 2 – 3KB in size). After you download this torrent file, you can start the download using a torrent client program. Based on the number of seeds and peers the download speed might vary. Often, people who have faster internet connection gets higher download speed.

Step 2

Using torrent search engines: For Windows XP download you can even choose a torrent search engine rather than any specific torrent websites. These torrent search engines have various torrent sites in their lists. Using the database they have and based on your search criteria, they will list you all the torrent websites where you can get Windows XP. This P2P (Peer to Peer) process of file sharing allows users to access numerous resources all across the planet. We can even get software or files, which are now non-existent in these P2P sites very easily.

Step 3

Using specific file sharing programs: Another way for Windows XP download is by using file sharing programs like Kazza, or LimeWire, used in order to share files and documents. Once you have these file sharing programs you can easily search for Windows XP in their database and hence, go for direct download. The advantage is that you need not know about torrent and torrent clients, in case of these third parties file sharing programs.

Step 4

Downloading an evaluation copy: Another way to Windows XP download is downloading the trial or evaluation version of Windows XP. Though nowadays, it will be really difficult to find out the exact Microsoft website where such versions are available for download, but numerous third party websites still have Windows XP in their download list as evaluation version. You need to buy the software after 30days of usage. The usage policy stops you from full functional usage after the trial period is over.

Step 5

Using DDL sites to download Windows XP: Another way for Windows XP download is to select a DDL site where a version of Windows XP .iso file is generally broken down into various .rar or zip files and uploaded on a server.


Always try to buy the licensed version of XP. It will help you in a long run.

Additional Tips

There are various games, which are only supported in XP and this makes this operating system even more famous.

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