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How To Make a Windows Remote


Windows remote desktop is a built in application of windows operating system that enables usersto take control of another computer remotely. Windows remote provides the host computer, access to all of the data, applications and resources of client computer from another location.

Step 1

Uses Of Windows Remote Desktop - Windows remote desktop feature provides an access to any computer while working or travelling across the world. You can do a multiplicity of things with the help of this amazing application including the following:

Step 2

  • Get the link to your office computer from home or on the way.
  • Get access to home computer from anywhere.
  • Get access to your friends computer to fix a problem.
  • Get access to multiple computers to perform administrative tasks.
  • Share your desktop with a group of people remotely to demonstrate a process or a software application.

Step 3

What You Need To Know When Using Windows Remote Desktop - In order to use the Windows remote desktop feature make sure that:

  • You have Windows XP Professional installed on the host system that is the computer you need to operate remotely.
  • You have a fast internet connection as all the data are to be sent through the internet connection. A slow internet connection could hinder the use of windows remote desktop. It is suggested to use a low bandwidth connection to get control of another computer suing windows remote.

Step 4

How to create windows remote desktop connection? Enable The Host Computer To Be Controlled. In order to use windows remote desktop first you require setting up your system as a host computer, in order to allow it to be controlled by another client computer. To enable the remote control of a system you will have to make a quick setting change in your system properties by following some steps which are as follow.

Step 5

  • Firstly log in to your computer as administrator.
  • Open the control panel and select the system applet.
  • Now click on the Remote tab.

Step 6

  • On the remote tab check the box of allow users to connect remotely to this computer.
  • There is another tab of select remote users which you can use to add or remove the remote desktop users.
  • Make certain that you have the rights to connect to a system remotely and click OK.

Step 7

Create A New Windows Remote Desktop Connection On Client Computer - To access the host computer through a client computer and to create a remote desktop connection first time, follow these steps:

  • Click start menu => All programs => Accessories => Communications => Remote desktop connection.
  • By selecting the general tab you will have to give values of four required fields which are computer, username, password and domain. In computer you can give the computer name or TCP/IP address of the host computer.
  • After filling all the fields, click on save as and save it as a profile in order to use it again.
  • Now click on connect button.
  • Once you click the connect button after filling all the credentials, your request will now be sent to the system you want to get access.
  • Now the Log On to Windows dialog box will appear, give your username, password and domain and click OK.
  • The remote desktop window will open and you can now access all the files, programs and desktop setting o that remote computer.
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