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10 Amazing Tips For Windows Computer


The Windows computer is an all time favorite, it is one of the easiest operating system ever made. Some tips are illustrated below which will help you in a long run.

Step 1

1. Use an antivirus with less resource usage: Using computers becomes easier when speed is up to the maximum. While using a windows computer, make sure to use an antivirus which uses less RAM and processor speed in real time. This will make your boot time and machine run time faster.

2. Disable services not required: You need to disable the services that you do not use in windows computer, in order to increase its speed. Services like spool server (used for Printing services), Windows Server (required in Server computers), and other non-critical services can be disabled for better machine speed.

3. Lower the screen resolution for better performance: Higher the screen resolution more is the CPU usage in windows computer. Therefore, if you lower the screen resolution by a little (Just 1 level down), then you are bound to get better speed from the multi-tasking, that you do while using the system.

Step 2

4. Use a registry cleaner to delete registry errors: Registry is used in each and every operation performed within a computer. Therefore, due to illegal operations or access violation etc. the Registry might generate errors. Therefore, use registry cleaner software in windows computer to keep your machine faster and more reliable.

5. Using security software for preventing intrusions: An often illegal intrusion made in to a windows computer remains undetected. Therefore, use a HIPS (Host intrusion Prevention Service) based firewall, which can prevent both intrusion as well as illegal programs from within the windows computer, to gain access to the internet.

6. Use temporary file cleaning software: When we use a browser within our system it often gets clogged with cookies. Various other temp files remain as it is within the windows computer, even after its use is over. Therefore, use a temp file cleaner to delete these temp files and cookies to save some space within the system.

Step 3

7. Using a malware cleaner: Often, various types of malware like adware or spyware remains non-detected by the commercial antivirus software within the system. So use a malware cleaner, which have powerful cleaning and detecting capacity in a windows computer to keep it running faster and better.

8. Disabling startup programs not required: There are various programs in a windows computer, which enters its name in the registry for auto startup. You can disable the programs which are not required at boot time or as soon as the machine starts up. This will enhance the speed of the machine a lot.


9. Disabling Windows themes to increase the speed: The attractive Windows themes that we see in a windows computer also consume a lot of CPU usage and RAM. Therefore, if we are more concerned with speed rather than looks then we can easily disable Windows theme, and use the Classic view of Windows for better speed.

10. Disabling Administrative Shares and Quota Management: You can disable the administrative shares and various quota related space in hard drives in a windows computer, if you want to make the boot up faster than usual.

By AJ, published at 03/19/2012
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10 Amazing Tips For Windows Computer. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.