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How To Go From Windows 7 To Windows Xp


Windows XP is still adored as one of the of the most user friendly desktop application systems in the world. With more than a million of software and hardware support, Windows XP has not lost its own identity to Windows 7. Windows 7 has higher system requirements when compared to Windows XP. Therefore, many people who have earlier upgraded to Windows 7 from Windows XP, now want to revert back to Windows XP, and are searching ways to do so. So, you need to see the steps you can use to revert back to Windows XP using simple measures. Reverting back to Windows XP will allow you to upgrade to Windows 7 whenever required.

Step 1

Formatting your system with Windows XP: It is almost impossible to revert back to Windows XP from Windows 7. Once Windows 7 is installed, you have to either format it with Windows XP Setup Disk, or use a streamlined USB installer of Windows XP. Formatting a computer though might sound horrible and tedious, but it is actually very easy with Windows XP installer disk or USB installer. During installation, you will be asked for the partition to use and format. So choose the partition on which Windows 7 is installed, format it with NTFS (normal or quick) and you are ready to use Windows XP again.

Step 2

While formatting and reverting back to Windows XP, you need to back up all the necessary documents and files, since it will become irrecoverable from the formatted partition, after the installation. For example, if you have C: partition in which Windows 7 is installed then backup every important file and documents into another partition, which you are not going to format. So, after the installation process is over, you can get back the backed up files from this other partition. Try to decrypt them before formatting, if they are already encrypted.

Step 3

If the installation media is not booting up: In case the Windows XP CD or DVD installation media is not booting up then check for the BIOS settings, before you revert back to Windows XP. In BIOS, there will be an option to select the Boot device priority. Choose CD or DVD drive based on what you have in your computer or laptop. Until this option is chosen, the system directly boots into the drive partitions, without checking for a bootable CD or DVD.

Step 4

It is better to use a Virtual machine: If you have already installed Windows 7 and need Windows XP then you might not need to revert back to Windows XP. You can simply use a Virtual machine and run Windows XP. If you have not installed Windows 7 yet, remember to try Windows 7 first on a virtual machine and then decide.

Step 5

Check the CD or DVD for scratches: Before you completely revert back to Windows XP, you need to check the installation media for scratches. Often, scratches can cause DVD or CD lens reading errors, and hence, we should check for scratches first.


Windows XP is not having any compatibility issues and therefore, it is very famous.

Additional tip

Always update your operating system from time to time.

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