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How To Get a Free Download For Windows Xp


Windows XP was a popular operating system by Microsoft. Windows XP was used on personal computers (PC), laptop computers, desktop computers, media centers and other devices compatible with the operating system. Windows XP was released on August 24th, 2001 to computer manufacturers. Windows XP is one of the most popular versions of the Windows OS. The "XP" in the name means experience.

Windows XP was the successor to the previous Windows OS, Windows Me and Windows 2000. Windows XP was released to the public in retail stores on October 25th, 2001 and it has since sold over 400 million copies worldwide as of January 2006. XP was replaced by Windows Vista in January 2007 and Microsoft stopped production of the operating system in June 2008. XP is still sold on online retailer websites, such as eBay and Amazon. From September of 2003 to July of 2011, this operating system was the most widely used.

Since most people prefer XP over the current Windows OS and those same people do not want to buy a copy of it online, you can xp download windows online for free. You can get a free xp download windows on one of the biggest forums on the Internet called XP download windows is free, as long as you make an account on the message forum. has over 8 million users on their message forum and many of these users supply members with xp download windows.

Step 1

Visit the website. You need to create a account before you can access xp download windows. This website will not allow you to access xp download windows as a guest. A guest means you are a non-registered user and you can only read the message forum, but you cannot do anything else. The xp download windows are only accessible to registered members.

Step 2

Click "Register" at the top of Warez-BB. Fill in all of the appropriate information that Warez-BB asks you to include for registration. Once you are done with filling out the registration form, click "Submit" or a similar button. You may have to go to your email account activate your account.

Step 3

Go to your email inbox to activate your account, if necessary. Warez-BB sends you an email that says you need to activate your account in order to validate your registration. Click on the link. You are taken back to Warez-BB and you have successfully validated your account.

Step 4

Click "Search" to search for xp download windows. Simply type in "Windows XP" or "XP" to look for threads on the forum for xp download windows. Make sure to click on xp download windows in a forum called "Apps." You can see the type of forum on the left side of the search results.

Step 5

Download the xp download windows links in the thread you clicked on. A thread in a message forum is a post that a person makes and it is usually the first post. The links for xp download windows are usually from a file-sharing site, such as FileSonic. You can only download one file at a time, but you can wait an hour after the xp download windows file is complete to download the next file.



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