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8 Tips For Microsoft Windows Xp


Windows XP is one of the most famous operating systems from Microsoft. This can be verified by the release of Windows 7, support for Windows XP is still available. Stability, reliability, security and easy user interface can be attributed to the success of Microsoft Windows XP. The system requirement for a Microsoft Windows XP is very low. Users don’t need to invest extra on their existing system to install Microsoft Windows XP. There are two versions of Microsoft Windows XP: Professional and Home. As the system requirement for Windows Vista and Windows 7 is very high, many users still prefer using Microsoft Windows XP. Below we are going to discuss tips for Microsoft Windows XP.

Step 1

When the system starts, all the necessary services are also enabled with it. Windows XP booting time is very high, this is due to fact that many unnecessary services, which not only decreases the booting time but also frees system resources. For stopping services user needs to type “services.msc” command in the run command box. To stop services, user can also go through “msconfig” command in the run. Few of the unnecessary services are Clipbook, Messenger, and Smart Card etc. It is up to the user which service they want to stop or to start.

Step 2

Sharing files on Microsoft Windows XP is easy. But, if the user wants to hide the sharing from the network neighborhood, they must use “net config server /hidden:yes” command. A command prompt will appear which will show the process is successful. Generally, the process is very fast but user can notice it.

Step 3

To view all the network information, go to the command prompt (Start, Run, type cmd). In the command prompt type “IPCONFIG”. For more information type “IPCONFIG /ALL” command in the command prompt.


There are times when user wants to check the particular partition. To achieve this, user must select the particular partition, and then with the right click go the properties window. Then go to the Tools tab where a check now button is given for checking errors. To fix any problem during the checking, click on the check box to fix problems automatically. This can be also achieved with the help of “chkdsk” command in the command prompt.


Boot.ini is one of the most important files in Microsoft Windows XP. User must be intelligent enough to edit this particular file. There is a provision to edit this particular file, but if the user provide any wrong command, the consequences can be disastrous. Go the properties of “My Computer” and Go to the Advance tab. Under the Startup and recovery section, Settings button is provided, click on that. Then click the Edit button.

additional tip

A new installed Microsoft Windows XP always has a Windows tour, which consumes a lot of system resources. For users who are familiar with the Windows XP don’t need tour. To stop this particular service type “Regedit” in the run. Under this particular key “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Applets\Tour”, create a new key named RunCount, assign the value of 0 to it. Reg file is also available on the internet; users just need to add it to their registry.

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