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Get Xp Movie Maker Windows For Best Video Quality


Windows XP comes with lot of interesting features such as magnifier, translator, remote desktop assistance, sound recorder, outlook express etc. One of them is the Windows Movie Maker. With the help of this software user can edit videos, edit clips and add transitions, titles and effects very easily. User can have an option to share as well as save the edited movie. Windows Movie Maker can also capture videos and clips from the camcorder and transform it to a suitable format. People with disabilities can also use Windows Movie Maker easily. Below we are going to use Windows Movie Maker for the purpose of getting great quality videos.


Go to the Start menu and then to “All Programs” where Windows Movie Maker option is present. Click on it, which will result in opening the Windows Movie Maker window. Check the version of the software, as the version should be greater than v2.0. If it is not present then update the operating system. Usually, Service Pack 2 will work perfect for updating this software. This software comes with Windows XP and is not available as a separate download.

Check hard disk space as saving an editing file will need space. Generally, for editing videos, user needs at least 3GB of hard disk space. For importing the video, user can plug the camcorder to the computer through USB or by selecting any video on the hard disk. It is important to point out that the video on the hard disk consists of different codec’s, if you want Windows Movie Maker to understand the format then go the Tools option and then click on Options. After that, Option windows will pop-up on the screen, under the general tab click on checkbox where it is written that download codec’s. For more advance settings, go to the Advance tab. Here different setting are available for providing transition effect to the video, video properties are also given like NTSC and PAL with aspect ratio.

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After Capturing video from any other devices or selected files on the hard disk select the place you want to save the file. Now users are prompted with selecting capturing format. Digital video is used to save the edited file on a tape or a CD. For saving the video on the hard disk, user can choose the first option. If you want to select some different option you can select it from the drop-down box. This feature of Windows Movie Maker is very interesting as the different stored formats are used for different purpose.

After that user can start the process of capturing the video. Use the stop button to select the timeline of the video. Total time, size of the video as well as remaining space on the particular partition is also shown on the window. For editing purpose examples are provided for making the job easy. Use different titles, transition for a particular sequence of the video. For different timeline you can use different transitional effects.


Exporting the file is easy on Windows Movie Maker. Go the File option and save project. It can be easily done with the Ctrl+S key on the keyboard. The saved video will be dependent on the length of the video. Use advanced setting to modify the saving of the video file. After completion of all these process, it is guaranteed that you will achieve a good quality video.

By AJ, published at 03/22/2012
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Get Xp Movie Maker Windows For Best Video Quality. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.