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Installer windows also named as Microsoft installer is a software component that is used for the installation purposes, maintenance, and elimination of Microsoft windows system. There are few soft wares that are installed only if the installer window system is installed in the computer. Different information of users and also most of the files are wrapped as installation packages that are usually known as “MSI files.” Installer window is keeping really important changes from its beginners as in setup API. Softwares are always kept updated with latest features. Same is the case with installer window. There are many new features that are included in installer window, for example GUI framework and automatic generation of uninstallation. Installer window is said to be the alternative for previous installer structures, for example, old versions of install shield. Another important and amazing feature of installer window is the rollback and versioning that helps to enjoy consistent and reliable features. Undo operation is another efficient feature of installer window, as you can undo any changes made to the system. In service pack 2 windows, most of the soft wares are not installed if the installer window system is not installed in the computer. Suppose, live messenger is the software that can’t be installed in the absence of installer window system. So, this system is necessary to install to get better performance of personal computer.


Normally, installer window manages how other soft wares and programs are installed and un-installed on your computer. Different software publishers can use installer window to make the installation or uninstallation process more reliable. In earlier versions of windows, damaged system files needed by installer window can be repaired automatically. IF installer window doesn’t works properly, you can see the available solution by opening problem reports and solutions. There are many programs that involve only a single feature. But, some programs are also available that are of complex installation. They offer a custom setup during installation from which a user has to select the feature to install or to uninstall. But installer window treats every component as a unit.


Usually, Microsoft installer window is said to be the base service of Microsoft Windows operating system. It helps you to manage the states of software applications. Installer window can be used efficiently as it includes the removal, installation modification, and up gradation of soft wares. It is a reliable and consistent method to customize installations, updating of applications, and also the resolving of configuration problems. So, installer window is really reliable software that helps to do different task and resolve many problems regarding computer. During installation, different options are displayed on the installation wizard, and a user can select any of the option according to the requirement.


There are also many other advantages of installer window. For example:

• It saves time both in un-installation and installation process.

• Save space for the product by selecting required applications.

• Can be advertised so that installation could take place on demand.

• Upgrading of any application is done easily.

• Undo process can help you to undo the changes that happened to the system.

By Brenden Thomas Sammon, published at 03/27/2012
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About Installer Windows System. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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