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Review Of the Microsoft Windows Server


Microsoft is one of the most famous and known computer operating systems in the world. Most computers have this operating system already installed when purchased and others always have a chance to change their operating system into that of Microsoft. From windows server 2000 till windows server 2008 all have been proved out to be a success, benefiting and facilitating their users to the maximum height. All the drawbacks in one server was covered in the production of the other, and thus one reason why Microsoft has been encouraged and has been popular among computer users. All the Microsoft windows server that were launched had various versions each having their own advantage as well as drawbacks. One should wisely choose the server version that matched their demand. Let’s take a look on the Microsoft windows server 2003 and windows server 2008.


After Microsoft windows server 2000, windows server 2003 was introduced on 14th April, 2003 and its updated version windows server 2003 R2 was launched by the end of 2005. Microsoft windows server 2003 has various versions and each version gives a better performance. The different versions are categorized according to the size and the type of business but all the versions have the competence to share files and printers, operate as an application server, and give email facilities and other functions that a server provides. Microsoft Windows server 2003 has been extensively used in Windows small business server and facilitated businesses. Also through windows server 2003 partition software one can increase the space in the local drives like drive C on your computer if it’s running out of space.


With advancement in technology and increased improvements Microsoft windows server 2008 was launched. Like windows server 2003. The 2008 server also has many versions. More than 300 improved and new features were introduced. Among the top ten new features that were introduced were:

IP address management
Multiserver management
Flexible migration
Infrastructure of virtual desktop
Server applications of SMB
Server development

All these new features including the previous ones help the customers to more efficiently manage their Information Technology operations; break costs and boosts performance of business systems. Microsoft Windows server 2008 provides more speed and security and ways of management.

Tips and comments

Microsoft is a well known and popular company and has been flourishing. Even today many people tend choosing Microsoft windows server from the choices they have between Linux and MAC. Microsoft windows server is more easily used and understood when compared to the other two and help the users with work and business management with more efficiency and low at cost. The growing familiarity with Microsoft has also built an attachment with its users. MAC, the most recent OS, besides being very expensive to afford, also is difficult in using, like using the mouse and making right clicks using three fingers. Microsoft windows if compared are simpler and easier to handle and use and also provides all the vital programs that an individual shall need for the computer to work perfectly.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 03/30/2012
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Review Of the Microsoft Windows Server. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.