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How To Start a Windows Live Download


Windows live is one very popular creations by Microsoft. Microsoft is known as the most popular industry for computer software. Microsoft was founded in April 4, 1975 by Paul Allen and Bill gates. Bill gates is the present chairman and the former CEO of this Company.

Step 1

Millions of people are using Microsoft Windows as Operating System in their personal computers and it is the most popular OS for personal computers. Windows Live is also a very popular email messenger and millions of people would prefer to download and keep windows live in their PCs, Windows live download is a very easy task and you can download windows live very easily by using internet facilities in a very short time.

Step 2

Why you should choose Windows live? Windows live is a very popular and reliable email messenger by Microsoft, it is very easy to use and is very reliable. If you are a user of Outlook, then you can also use Windows live as an alternative of outlook. It is the most advanced version of quick messaging client by Microsoft.

Step 3

Now you can also chat with your friends by using Windows live, just like the other chat messengers. You can use you hotmail account to sign in into Windows live. You can start Windows live download to use it by your computer easily.

Step 4

What do you need to start Windows Live Download? To start Windows live download, you need to own a computer which is equipped with Windows XP or higher such as Windows Vista or 7 as its OS. You cannot run and start Windows live download in a computer which is not equipped with windows XP or higher as its OS.

Step 5

Is Windows Live safe? You can start Windows live download for your computer because it is safe from any type of viruses. To avoid hacking of you Windows live account, you need to follow some instructions. You should not give your password to anyone, even not to your close relatives.


Be careful while you are giving your credentials of Windows live to any non Microsoft website because they can gain access to your ID by using these credentials. Always use a Strong password, whenever you change your password or make a new ID. Whenever you forgot your password of your Windows live ID, a secret question can be used to gain access to your password; therefore whenever you answer your secret questions while making your ID do not use an obvious answer. One more thing you should do is to change your ID password after every 72 days. If you will clear all these points, it is guaranteed that your ID will be safe from any type of hacking.


How to start a Windows Live Download? How to start Windows live download? It is a very important question. It is very easy to start Windows live download, it can be easily downloaded from internet or by their Official website. To start Windows live download you can follow some steps, first got to the official website of Microsoft and choose the download page of Windows live, then click on the button get it free to start Windows live download. This is how you can start Windows live download.

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