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Troubleshooting Windows Dvd Maker


Windows DVD maker is a computer program that allows the user to write home movies to a DVD. The program allows the transformation of home movies into fully functional DVDs. The program possess a number of advanced features that allow users to edit videos, create menus and even introduce new technical features such as subtitles and commentary tracks. Despite having all these advanced features, Windows DVD maker is highly susceptible to malfunctioning. If the program malfunctions, then troubleshooting it is the best course of action to take. This article brings to light the best means of troubleshooting Windows DVD maker.

Windows DVD Maker is Freezing

It all depends on what problems the program is presenting you. If the program presents you with the infamous freezing problem, then it might be that your computer’s virtual memory has been compromised. A computer’s virtual memory is eaten up by opening too many windows. The consequence of this is frequent freezing of the program. It thus follows that to remedy the problem of freezing, closing the unnecessary windows. Another remedy for countering the freezing problem is to simply close any security programs such as viruses that are running. If you are connected to the internet, then begin by disconnecting your computer from the internet.

The Program Cannot Burn

What if the program fails to burn or the burning was on course, but its end result was unsuccessful? The first thing to check is your disc. If the disc is CD-R and it has content already, then writing on it will be practically impossible. In this case the best thing to do is to get a CD-R disc with no content on it. If you have CD-R formatted discs, these can be written on even if they had content on them before. Sometimes the burning can still turn out to be unsuccessful even if the discs are formatted CD-R discs. In that case you can use a slower burning speed. If you are ignorant about how to modify the burner’s burning speed, then you should follow this step; go to the Add Video section on the DVD page, then go the options menu after which you should find the DVD speed burner box and select the medium or slow burning speed.

Windows DVD Maker Cannot Import

What else can affect the efficiency of windows DVD maker? At times the user may be greeted by importing video problems. If this is also affecting you, then you have a solution right before you. If you are importing from a device such as a Camcorder, all you have to do is to ensure that your camera is on and the device is connected to the appropriate port. Some models require you to put the camcorder in hard-drive mode to prepare the data for transfer. If you are importing from any location on your computer such as desktop or documents, then make sure the name and file path is correct.

If any of the measures above fail to help, then do not hesitate to contact windows for more information. You can also use the help window or go to the official windows page.

By Bob Meadow, published at 03/28/2012
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