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How To Install the Windows Xp Service Pack


Windows Xp Service Pack is software which was introduced by Microsoft in order to add more features in their windows and enable it to perform much better for example before installing a windows network some windows operating systems require that you install a service pack. As we all know; there are various versions of service pack and they all come with various features pertaining security and privacy of the users information.

The windows Xp Service Pack is very important when it comes to downloading of documents from the Internet as it alerts the users on threats before downloading a file from the Internet. Windows Xp is not good at blocking pop-ups installing a service pack helps reduce this problem.

Therefore it’s important to have windows Xp Service Pack in your computer. Windows Xp Service Pack comes in various versions for example we have service pack 1, 2 and 3. Service pack 2 and three are the most commonly used and we will look at how to install the two of them.

The following steps are followed while installing service pack2 and also the things you are expected to do before installing this windows Xp Service Pack. Basically, the installation procedure of service pack2 and 3 is quite similar.

Step 1

If you are downloading your windows Xp Service Pack, you can install it immediately by opening it, then click run and then following the instructions that are on your computer screen. If you don’t want to install the program right away, click download file and then save the installation file somewhere in your computer. The when you are ready to install the file, go to where you saved it and then double click it. Note that if you are downloading the windows Xp Service Pack, go straight to Microsoft Download Center.


Step 2

On the other hand if you are installing the windows Xp Service Pack from its CD, simply insert the CD into your computer CD drive (this should be done as your windows XP is running) and immediately after that the Software Installation Wizard should appear automatically but this is not always the case as it sometimes does not appear. If this happens, go to My computer icon on the desktop or go to start button and then My Computer. Right click on your CD drive and then click auto play.


Step 3

The other step entails going back to the windows Xp Service Pack page and click next to proceed with your installation. More installation instructions to guide you will appear on the screen. Follow those instructions.

Step 4

The installation wizard will tell you that the installation is complete. Click finish and the computer will start windows automatically. After these steps, your windows Xp Service Pack is now fully installed.


Step 5

Sometimes your computer may stop responding when you installing your windows Xp Service Pack immediately you have restarted your computer this mainly occurs in a system if you are using a BIOS and it’s supported by the earlier versions of the Intel processors.


Step 6

During installation, device drivers maybe blocked by your windows Xp Service Pack this happens because service pack comes with device protection feature that helps the operating system block those drivers that can cause problems.



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