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How To Install Windows From a Cd


An Operating system is very important in the operation of computers. Windows is one of computer’s operating system that has been embraced for quite some years. Performing a cd windows installation is a simple task and requires some little knowledge. This is simply by following a step by step installation procedure. You can also have cd windows installation by your self rather than employing technicians.

Step 1

The cd windows installation is usually a bootable disc. To start the operation, you have to boot your computer from the cd. This is through the boot sequence that is found under the BIOS setup. Here, you simply set the first boot device as CD/DVD. With this, you are sure the computer will automatically boot from the CD.

Step 2

After setting the boot sequence, you should then start the computer. You should then put the cd windows in its respective drive for booting. This is followed by a message on the screen asking you to press any key to boot from the cd. This is where the process starts and you have to be ready for the procedure.

Step 3

Depending on the hard drive in your computer, the cd windows set up prompts you to press the F6 key. The key should only be pressed when you are using a SATA or SCSI hard disk. Most cases are for IDE hard drive that doesn't require pressing the key. All this is to ensure that windows detect the hard drive when installing.

Step 4

In case you want to install another device, then you should press the S key. Other cd windows installation drivers include Raid drives. These drives are contained in a cd that you should use to copy in the floppy. After pressing the S key, then you should insert the floppy that contain the drivers. This presents you with some hard drive Raid drivers. At this stage, you have to select the right drivers and press the enter key.

Step 5

This is then followed by a cd windows set up screen. With the interface, you are provided with various options that include installing new windows, repairing previous installation or quitting. Since the cd windows installation is new, then you need to press the enter key.

Step 6

An end user licensing agreement follows after selecting the new cd windows install. By pressing the F8 key, you accept and the next disc partitioning step appears. The partition is whereby the windows operating system will be installed and it is met by pressing C. It is not a must to partition the disc though it is recommended. Partitioning is important as one disk acts as a backup. In case the Operating System needs repair in future, then you only interfere with one partition and the other saves the data.

Step 7

After disc partitioning, then a screen displays the partitioned space as well as the non-partitioned. To have the cd windows installation, then you should select the first partition, for Drive C by pressing enter. This is followed by choosing a file system for the partition. The recommended one is formatting the partition using the NTFS file system. When you choose the file system, windows will then format drive C and copy set up files.

Step 8

After copying the files, the computer then restarts. The cd windows should not be removed but you should also not press any key to boot from CD. This is then followed by a Windows setup wizard that presents a step by step process. This is whereby you choose your language and region, typing the organization’s name and then entering the product key. There are other simple processes that the wizard guides you.

By SAMUEL MUHIA, published at 03/26/2012
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