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Advantages Of the Windows Xp Service Pack


A service pack is a collection of upgrades, updates and improvements to a particular application or a set of applications (this definition is in the context of software distribution) that are mainly released in one package and installed in one go. Service packs are usually released by windows to fix various problems and features in its windows operating systems. There are various versions of Windows Xp Service Packs released by Microsoft and each is superior that the previous version.



The first Windows Xp Service Pack was released on September 9th 2002. This service pack was able to support all drives that were larger than 137GB. The second Windows Xp Service Pack was released in the year 2004 and it mainly emphasized on security and was also followed by some versions of it, service pack 2b and service pack2b released on august 2006 and august 2007 respectively.

The later came the most superior version of the service pack which is also the current Windows Xp Service Pack service pack 3 which was released to the public on May 2008. This service pack has over 1000 fixes.


The first Windows Xp Service Pack, service pack1 contained several features including security fixes, hot fixes which are both post RTM compatibility updates and enabling technologies mainly for new devices at that time for example the tablet PC’s but the most significant feature from this service pack was the USB 2.0.

The second Windows Xp Service Pack was the service pack 2 which added totally new functions in it like the Bluetooth support, a better Wi-Fi support and WPA encryption compatibility. With this service pack, during the kernel booting subtitles like “professional” were removed from the screen. Service pack2 also made various color changes in order to make operating systems resemble each other, for example loading bars in home edition and embedded were changed into blue.

This windows service pack also made significant changes in security like in web browsing and e-mail, firewall(which it renamed windows firewall) and shows the state of the windows firewall, antivirus software all provided through the Windows Security Center.

Then the Windows Xp Service Pack came with several features like Network Protection client, support for SHA-2, Descriptive security options, credential security support provide among others.

Generally, some of the advantages that came with service packs was the security and privacy of the user hence nowadays people have some of their most secretive information in their computers without fear.

Not to mention Windows Xp Service Pack also enables computer users to browse more efficiently as you are always warned of the various security threats before downloading something and you are told in advance about downloads that may contain virus and other malware.

And to make browsing even more easily, Windows Xp Service Pack comes with pop-up blockers which reduces pop-ups when browsing.



Tips and comments

But as usual, everything with an advantage there is also a disadvantage, Windows Xp Service Pack and one disadvantage of service packs is the size, which sometimes can be very large. This can be a very major issue especially if you are running low on the space, installing one of the service packs can significantly slow down you machine.

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