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How To Use Windows Xp With Another Server


Your IP, or Internet Protocol, address sends information from your computer to the Internet. When you surf the Internet, you expose your information. You may have wondered why certain sites know where you are. This is because your IP address is traceable. Most of the websites that you visit are safe and there is no need for worry.

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. Usually, companies track your IP address for advertisement purposes. A windows xp with proxy server is another computer that you can use to mask or hide your real IP address from the Internet. It works as a gateway between your computer and the Internet. Using a windows xp with proxy server will protect your IP address so it is not traceable.

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FTP stands for "File Transfer Protocol," and it allows files to move between computers via the Internet. The FTP protocol is similar to HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol), because both use the Internet to transmit data.

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FTP, however, concerns files, such as a Microsoft Word or Excel document, whereas HTTP renders a webpage in a browser. Both personal and business Microsoft windows xp with FTP users benefit from FTP, because it establishes a "virtual" hard drive. This is convenient and efficient while working with multiple computer and file users.

Step 4

Microsoft released the windows xp with operating system in 2001. Windows xp with another server is capable of using proxy servers for all of its Internet related connections. A windows xp with proxy server acts as a midpoint between a client and a server. With windows xp with a proxy server configured, the XP client makes a request to the proxy. The proxy then makes the request to the server on behalf of the XP client, and sends the XP client back the results. This way the XP client remains hidden to the server. You can configure Windows xp with a proxy server for all Internet traffic.

Step 5

Windows xp with a proxy sets timeout variable for your proxy server connections. This means that if a proxy server has become unresponsive for long enough, Windows will attempt to directly connect to the site. You can increase your proxy timeout settings using the px_timeout variable in your system's registry.



I. Open the "Start" menu and click "Run."

II. Type "regedit" and press "Enter."

III. Expand "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE," then "Software," then "Microsoft," then "Windows."

IV. Double-click "Net Configuration" on the left side of the screen, and then double-click "Proxy Settings" on the right side of the screen.

V. Enter a new proxy timeout setting in seconds when prompted in the dialog box, and then click "OK."


Microsoft Internet Explorer and Internet applications may be used to access web sites that process lengthy calculations. However, extended connection wait states may cause server time out messages and disconnects before the web site provides answer information back to the Internet application or Internet Explorer. Increase the server message timeout using the Windows Registry Editor so that Internet Explorer and applications do not timeout before retrieving the required data and you get a longer time.

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