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Games for Windows were introduced in 2006 by Microsoft along with the release of Windows Vista. This Windows games brand is a form of standardization introduced by Microsoft for all the games developed for the Windows platform. These windows games have to be certified by Microsoft and they will bear a logo "games for Windows" written on the top left of the game box. For Windows games to be included under this category, it has to fulfill a lot of technical requirements. Some of these technical requirements are:

Step 1

It should have an easy install option to install the game on a PC.

Step 2

It should be compatible with Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Step 3

It should be compatible with 64 bit and 32-bit processors

Step 4

It should be able to support widescreen resolution such as 16:9, 16:10, 4:3 etc.

Step 5

It should also have family setting features and parental control.


Microsoft started this Windows games platform with the launch of Halo 2 game on May 31, 2007. Most of the windows games will have access to Microsoft's live network. Microsoft live network, allows gamers to play online against one another as well as use other features like messaging, voice chat and use the guide feature.
Gamers can use their Xbox and login using their Xbox live game tags to unlock and gain achievements. For some of the titles it is also possible to play and chat across platforms. This might require a subscription to live Gold. But recently, Microsoft has removed this restriction and now it is available for all the members. For all the windows games, there is an Xbox live marketplace which can be used for buying game add-ons game picks etc.
One of the problems commonly encountered is the problem the gamers face when using a replacement console. Windows games can only be played by signing on to the server using game tag. But in the case of replacement consoles they cannot use content that were downloaded previously without being connected to Microsoft live. This restricts the usage in conditions where Internet connection is not available.


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Another problem commonly encountered with Windows games for Microsoft is, when multiple accounts are held on one console. All accounts can use the content that was downloaded. But in cases where the system is replaced, then the live account to which the content is connected can only make use of tithe only solution for resolving this Windows games problem on Microsoft live is to contact the Microsoft support. It is important that the console is replaced through Microsoft or through a retailer with warranty.
Now a new feature has been added by Microsoft that enables Windows games to transfer the license from one console to another. The licenses will first be transferred to the server and then it can be downloaded to any console. But only limitation with this process is that it can only be done once every four months.

Windows games on PC and Xbox platform is one of the most widely used and the one with the most number of features and vibrant gameplay. Happy gaming


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