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What You Need To Know About Windows Maker Movie

Published at 03/28/2012 02:21:47


Before getting into the detailed description of windows movie maker, first I would like to discuss what windows movie maker is and why we use it. It is software that is usually used for editing and creatingvideos is named as Windows Movie Maker. This software is already available with Microsoft windows XP, Microsoft windows Vista and Microsoft windows Me. Auto movie, timeline narrations, audio track, credits and transactions these are all features of Windows Movie Maker. Using XML codewe can easily modify existing transitions and new effects also. Editing of audio tracking is another and very advantageous feature of Windows Movie Maker. Fade in and fade out effects can be applied to these audio tracks very easily by using Windows Movie Maker. Instead of video files audio tracks are then exported in audio files.


Very first version of windows movie maker was introduced in Windows Me in early 2000. After that Windows Movie Maker was used as an important software application like in Windows XP in 2001 and also in later XP versions. After the release of Windows Vista development of Windows Movie Maker was became more popular and increasingly used. Now windows live movie maker had replaced windows movie maker with its different features as compared to windows movie maker. Windows live movie maker is introduced in windows live essentials for the first time and which we can easily download free of cost from windows live website. Feature of video capture is not included in windows movie maker’s increased version named as windows movie maker 2.6. However, video editors recommend the use of windows movie maker 2.6 which was introduced for windows vista initially but it is also compatible with windows 7 as well.


We can drag and drop any captured video on timeline with the help of windows movie maker. Video clips are easily duplicated and we can also split these videos into sections or we can also delete these sections. The functionality of deleting and splitting can be performed by dragging to another position or by the use of windows keyboard shortcuts. To see the range of options to edit we have to right click that specific video clip. In addition to all features windows movie maker also offers a features named as auto movie that will allow users to include already defined styles and make movie in a minute.

Tips and comments

With the help of windows movie maker, if a camera support is available then videos can easily support back to camera after editing or so on. The most enjoyable feature of windows movie maker is that it provides its users with an opportunity to upload their video anywhere on internet or on social networking sites for interacting with their friends. As well as video clips are allowed to host through the use of windows movie maker likewise audio tracks are also supported to host on internet and we can also edit audio clips through this software. The simple solution is to export the sound clip as wma file if we are provided with no video or image file.