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About Microsoft Vista Windows

Published at 03/29/2012 08:47:38


A Microsoft vista window is an operating system developed by Microsoft for use on personal computers and also home and business computers. Before Microsoft vista windows was previously know as longhorn and it was fully completed for market release in November 2006 which means that Microsoft vista windows was released five years after Microsoft Xp release.

Microsoft vista windows came many new features in it among them the Windows DVD Maker, a search function, improved networking and several subsystems. A research showed that in 2009, Microsoft vista windows had approximately over 400 million Internet users.



Microsoft begun working Microsoft vista windows way back in May 2001 and at that time it was still known by its code name longhorn. Microsoft vista windows was originally expected to be released as early as 2003 but several issues came up, for instance many of the developers in Microsoft were busy enhancing security for the windows Xp. Later longhorn was scrapped to be started afresh.

Longhorn was renamed to vista and immediately Microsoft started a beta-test program and community technology previews were released to these better testers. Most of the planned features were incorporated. In March 2006 the release date was pushed yet again to 2007 in order to Microsoft and its hardware drivers provider company sometime to prepare. The most awaited date finally came when Microsoft finally released Microsoft vista windows in November 8th 2006.


Microsoft vista windows came with both new features and changes on the older versions of Microsoft Xp windows. The following are some of the most notable features in vista:

Windows media player. Vista came with a photo display and organization, new look in the Graphical User Interface one can also share music over the network but this is only possible with other Microsoft vista windows users.

Backup and restore center. This enables the users to backup their files and also recovery from the previous backups. Backing up your PC is important as the user can have the data back and the hard disc again in place.

Photo gallery. This Microsoft vista windows photo gallery enables the user to upload photos and videos into the PC from video cameras and other devices.

Vista also provides a new and better way for searching known as instant search that is content based making searching not only faster but definite.

Windows Aero. Basically this was a new graphical user interface that was better than those of the previous windows; it comes with live thumbnails, live icons and animations. This feature though eye catching, it limits the lifespan of the battery.

Other Microsoft vista windows include; windows shell, windows Internet explorer 7(with better features), windows mail, windows calendar, shadow copy, parental controls, speech recognition, problems report and solutions, windows system and assessment tool, windows DVD maker among others.

Tips and comments

Even with all these features, Microsoft vista windows received a lot of criticism from all corners example the time taken to make the software and;

Critics also say that Microsoft vista windows hardware requirements such as its Graphical User Interface are very demanding especially to the up graders.