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Advantages Of Windows Xp Pro


Windows Xp Pro and was designed to use the 64 memory whose main purpose was to increase the maximum allocatable memory this is because windows Xp’s 32-bit could only provide a total of 4 Gigabytes



Windows Xp Pro which is a version of windows Xp was released on April 25th. Windows Xp Pro is in fact a version of the windows server 2003 as they are both built on the same code bases and even have an identical kernel. Windows Xp Pro also has the 32-bit features such as windows messenger, games and system restore.


Windows Xp Pro came with many features which makes advantageous for home and office user these include;

Due to its 64-bit feature, Windows Xp Pro supports 128GB of memory while the previous versions only supported only up to only 8GB of memory in their motherboards.

Windows Xp Pro also allows using of disks greater than 2 TB during partitioning due to its GPT partitioning feature. It also offers improved 3D rendering, video gaming of high quality and performance.

Windows Xp Pro WLAN features makes setting up and administering of WLAN easier even in with the confusion of drivers and software. Windows Xp Pro is able to recognize most of the wireless NIC’s available immediately after loading.

Windows Xp Pro is also able to keep wireless attackers away by stepping up securing through providing a RADIUS on WLANs. This one of the main strength that Windows Xp Pro has over other Microsoft operating systems.

System restore feature. This feature allows the user to take the operating system to its previous state. This may work well especially if the computer is attacked by a virus as the machine can be returned to its previous good running state. Similar to this feature is the driver rollback that enables the user to go back to an earlier version of driver in case you are having a problem with the current driver.

Remote desktop and remote Assistance feature. Remote desktop feature allows you to connect your Windows Xp Pro to any other windows machine this can be useful especially if you want to connect your home computer with the office computer.

Remote assistance is another feature that allows you to get advanced assistance the user uses windows messenger or e-mail to get in touch with a technician.

Application compatibility mode. Was introduced by windows and makes an application think that it’s running on an earlier version of windows. This is important especially where applications were developed on earlier versions of windows.

Client firewall. Windows Xp Pro comes with an in-built Internet connection firewall these is important especially for users with laptops as it protects them from attackers.


Tips and comments

There are many reasons as to why any organization should upgrade to Windows Xp Pro as we have seen, it has many advantage and its worth chucking around $100 to buy a copy of the operating system.

But like in any other product, there also some disadvantages (more of limitations) that comes with Windows Xp Pro. Some of those limitations are:

Outlook express does not have spell checking.

While you are using Windows Xp Pro you will note that command prompts do not load in full screen. Windows Xp Pro only supports the 64-bits drivers.

By SAMUEL MUHIA, published at 03/29/2012
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