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How Can I Install Windows Xp Pro


Installing the windows pro xp is not a hard task. This does not necessarily require a technician. With the proper guide, you can also install windows pro xp on your own. Before installing, you are supposed to first consider the system requirements and compatibility of both hardware and software. You should also determine whether you need disk partitioning and the right file system to use.




Windows pro xp is one of the most popular versions of Windows operating systems. The Windows xp professional provides various features that allow easy use and manipulation of computers. There are vast software that are compatible windows pro xp thus giving you a chance to enjoy broad technology.


There are various methods that you can employ in installing windows pro xp. The most common way of manual installation is booting from the CD. This is the highly used and recommended method of installing windows pro xp to your system.

Simply, start the computer from the bootable CD. This CD contains the windows xp profession that is to be installed. A set up occurs in a bluish interface that loads all drivers and files. The first windows pro xp interface provides you with various options to choose from. These include setting up windows xp pro and repairing to fix problems. For installation, you should select the option for setting up windows professional xp. This is achieved by simply pressing ENTER.

This is followed by a license agreement interface. At this point, you should agree with the licensing by pressing the F8 key. Partitioning follows next and you should select the partition in which to install the windows pro xp. Disk partitioning is not mandatory but is highly recommended. This also depends on the hard drive size as well as the purpose for the computer.

After partitioning, a file system should be selected for the partition in which windows pro xp is to be installed. The file system is used to format this partition. File systems supported by windows professional xp are mainly the FAT (File Allocation Table) and NTFS. The most recommended file system to employ is the NTFS.

At this point, the setup copies important files from the windows pro xp installation CD. This takes some time and the computer restarts once copying is through. After rebooting, a Graphical User Interface (GUI) mode follows the setup. This interface is much friendlier and loads computer device drivers. This requires little intervention compared to the previous setup.

With the GUI interface, you can now customize the settings and set them according to region. If no changes are necessary, and then you just press next to proceed. The windows pro installation wizard then required you to input the computer name and organization. After this, you should enter the correct product key as provided. You can also type the computer’s username and password if necessary. The date and time has to be set as well as the time zone. The networking components are then installed by the setup.



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This is the simple procedure that you can follow to install windows pro xp. It is a simple process and you don’t necessarily require a technician to perform it. After this, you are ready to enjoy the vast benefits of Windows xp professional.

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