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5 Reasons To Use Windows 3


Today, it is impossible to live without Microsoft Windows. Microsoft Windows has millions of users
around the world. It is used for carrying out some of the most important tasks on the computer.
Microsoft Windows 3 is one of the older versions of Microsoft. This like the many other versions of
Microsoft Windows makes use of graphical Environment. A graphical environment can be best described
as a system that uses the graphical user interface. In this system the Windows makes use of images and
not just text.


In the early 1970s, people relied on devices like typewriters to produce written documents. Carbon
paper was widely used for copying. This made the process of working tiring and time-consuming. This
kind of work involved a lot of error and so could not be relied on. It was in 1975 that things were to
change forever with the partnership that came to be known as Microsoft. Microsoft was the invention
of Bill Gates and Allen. The vision they foresaw was to make the use of computers a household
phenomenon. The very first program that these two gentlemen invented was the MS DOS. This was
a kind of word processor. Over the years, different versions of Microsoft Word were introduced. First
came the Microsoft 1.0 in 1982. This was followed by Windows 2.0 in 1992. It was in 1990 that Windows
3.0 was invented.


Windows 3.0 managed to sell around 10 billion copies over the course of two years. There are a number
of various why you should be using Windows 3.0. Firstly, Windows 3.0 should be was the last version
of the Microsoft Windows that could operate with 8088/8086 IBM PC compatibles. Since this version
is faster and better than the previous two, anyone interested in 8088/8086 IBM PC compatibles should
make use of this. Another reason why Windows 3.0 should be used is because it comes with the
game card game Solitaire. Other popular games that can be found on Windows 3.0 are Hearts and
Minesweep. Many people are a fan of this old classic as it proves to be very entertaining. Microsoft 3.0
has much simpler commands and icons. So for people who are beginners, using Microsoft 3.0 should
prove to be easy. It will be much easier to understand and navigate. In addition to this, Windows 3.0 is
cheaper to purchase then most software. So this should be an added incentive as to why it should be
used. The major reason why anyone should opt for Windows 3.0 is for those people who have started
using computers with this version during the period 1990-1994. They will be more used to and familiar
with it. And it’s sure to bring back a lot of old memories!

Tips and Comments

Before you install Microsoft Windows 3.0 be sure to check its system requirements. If anyone of these is
not met then the Windows will fail to run. For example, it requires at least a 7MB hard disk and a 3.1 MS
DOS version or higher.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/29/2012
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