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About Windows Xp 7

Published at 03/29/2012 22:15:56


Windows 7 new taskbar has one of the most innovative and user friendly new features. It offers the feature of allowing us to know what is happening in windows with a quick glance.


The gigantic Microsoft produced an operating system called windows xp for use on personal computers, including home and business desktops, laptops and media centers. This system was released to manufacturers on August 24, 2001. Based on installer user base it is the second most popular version of Windows. The name is short abbreviation of “XP” known originally as eXperience.It was the first successor to the windows 2000 and windows me the first consumer oriented system produced by Windows NT kernel. On October 25 windows xp was released worldwide for retail sale and over 400 copies were in use in January 2006. Microsoft sold windows xp through their system builders program until 21, 2009.


The windows xp 7 edition has been designed to make working with multiple videos easier. It has improved the taskbar and new snap feature. The new feature helps the snap features resize windows in specific ways when users drag them to left, right, top or bottom edges of the screen. The people who think that the gadgets are an entertainment feature enhancement has been done for them and new Games explorer and enhancements to windows media player has also been done. The explorer of games allows retrieval of newsfeed and software updates for installed games. It also has the ability to stream music and video to other home computers and entertainment devices such as the Xbox 360 through the new play to feature. The gadgets that have been introduced can be moved anywhere easily now eliminating the need for vista side bar now. The Windows xp 7 versions has a library feature that enables users to access all their documents for a specific function from one location even if the individual file remains elsewhere. The windows xp 7 has improved access to networks and to computer peripherals. The available network connection has two click connections to wireless and wired networks from the taskbar. Windows xp 7 version has a new action center which allows users to see alerts from the taskbar and application specific listing of most frequently used commands and documents that appear when user right click on an icon of taskbar. Windows xp 7 also has a multiple language feature and software’s to protect your website from viruses. The edition of the windows xp 7 ultimate also adds bit locker encryption which protects files on portable devices as well as on hard drives. Users can also enjoy a new feature with which they can record live television shows.

Tips and comments

Windows xp 7 has ultimate and professional editions and new networking and software compatibility features to all previously listed enhancements. The individuals and using windows xp 7 will appreciate the new features since they are very user friendly and they have added a lot of convenience around the world for using internet and other facilities on the web.