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10 Amazing Tips For Windows 98

Published at 03/30/2012 17:30:24


With Windows 98, Microsoft says it did not embark to create important improvements in common system presentation. Our tests stand this not in. We see no upgrading in startup speed, though shutdown frequently seems quicker with Windows 98. The majority theatrical development we saw was in application loading. Applications often loaded two times as quick with Windows 98, which makes for an improved user practice.

Step 1

Windows 98 has extra potential of customizing your taskbar by means of the right mouse button. You could simply cut, copy, and paste stuff in your taskbar. For instance, if you required shifting a shortcut from one folder to another folder, you can click on the shortcut with your right mouse button and select the cut option.

Step 2

On one occasion you have selected the option to cut, locate a folder that you desire to move the shortcut to and decide paste and your shortcut should simply is now in the folder where you have pasted it to. You could as well perform this with other shortcuts that are somewhere else on the computer, for example you're desktop, in addition to moving them from your taskbar to your desktop.

Step 3

By using Windows 98 you can position your shortcuts in the taskbar by clicking with your right mouse button and ongoing to grip the button, and when moving your mouse up or down you be supposed to obtain a little bar representing where the icon is leaving to be moved to. when you have establish a suitable spot, you can release your mouse in order moving the icon to its position.

Step 4

The quick launch in Windows 98 which is every shortcut by the Start button, could be without difficulty added and removed. first, though, you need to the quick launch toolbar enabled. click on a vacant part of the toolbar pressing down your right mouse button and select the option Toolbars.

Step 5

Make sure that there is a checkbox after that to Quick Launch, if there is no check box, click on quick launch, which be supposed to put it on your toolbar. On one occasion the Quick launch is enabled, to get rid of an icon, click the icon by pressing your right mouse button and select the option to delete. To make new shortcut in Windows 98, first make a shortcut on your desktop, or if you have the shortcut somewhere else or in another folder, haul it to the quick launch section. unluckily, there is not an option to paste.


To put in added toolbars to the taskbar in Windows 98, right-click on a vacant part of the toolbar and select toolbars. from this Windows 98 selection you can add:

  • Address: you can add the Internet Explorer address bar to your taskbar
  • Links: you can add Internet Explorer links to your taskbar.
  • Desktop: you can create links to items on your desktop on your toolbar.
  • New Toolbar: Create your own modified toolbar by just selecting this option and point it to a folder where all your shortcuts resides.

In order to Windows 98 faster, you need to clear temporary files folder and always defrag the hard drive.


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