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10 Amazing Tips For Vista Upgrade Windows

Published at 04/04/2012 18:12:35


The Microsoft Windows Vista is an operating system developed by the American Microsoft Corporation for the use of laptops, personal computers (desktops) or tablet PCs and was aired in early 2007. The current version of Windows Vista is 6.0 (build 6002) and the current package list is the Service Pack 2. If you have installed a former version of the operating system, it is recommended to upgrade Windows Vista. The upgrade Windows Vista process is a rather simple one that will require the follow of only a few simple steps. It is recommended to upgrade Windows Vista so you can benefit from all the features and have several bugs fixed. Here are some tips for upgrade Windows Vista software.

Step 1

Tip 1: create a back-up. If something wrong happens during the upgrade or if you just want to roll back the changes you made by the upgrade Windows Vista you will need to have a back-up prepared on your personal computer.

Step 2

Tip 2: calculate disk space. If you have a rather old configuration and you don’t benefit from a lot of disk space it would be wise to first take some time and calculate if you have enough disk space for the upgrade Windows Vista.

Step 3

Tip 3: wait for the latest version. Before you upgrade Windows Vista you should wait for some new versions to be launched. This way you are making sure that with a single upgrade you will cover many fixed bugs and you will receive most of the newly installed features.


Tip 4: use high speed internet. You should use a high speed internet so you don’t have to wait too much for the upgrade files that require download. Having a fast speed internet connection will allow you to download the files a lot faster.

Tip 5: do not use dial-up. If you are still a dial-up user, you should make sure that you don’t download the files. Being an upgrade for a rather big and important operating system, will make the files required for download very large, so you might find yourself in the position of paying more than buying a new Vista version from the store.

Tip 6: if possible buy the installer. If you have the possibility, the best upgrade method is to buy your own Microsoft Windows Vista from the official market or from the local software store.

Tip 7: upgrade Windows Vista software from the official web site. Use the official web site because this way you are making sure it is legit and free of viruses or other unwanted software.

Tip 8: do not turn off your computer until the upgrade is finished. You might lose essential data or even need an operating system reinstall.

Tip 9: after you perform the upgrade Windows Vista you should also check for updates for your installed drivers. This way you make sure all your system is up to date

Tip 10: search for upgrades for your major programs. If you are spending time upgrading you might as well cover the whole system.