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FTP server for windows is great for transferring files. After all, it is in the name “File Transfer Protocol.” This article will show you how to set up an FTP server for windows on Windows XP. This is perfect for people who want to upload files to their website, or for people to share files in their organization.



  •  First off, let it be known that Windows XP has a light FTP server for windows client, and you might not even know it. Enter either Windows, or Internet Explorer, and if you know the FTP server for windows address (this is not a real server, but it generally looks like, and you know the username and password, you will have FTP server for windows access to that particular server for windows.
  •  Now, maybe you would like to create an FTP server for windows on your own computer. Windows XP Professional easily lets you do this with their IIS (Internet Info Services). If you have Windows XP Home, it is time to open that up, because it does not have those particular services.
  •  Windows Pro Users, go to Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Add/Remove Windows Components. Make sure Internet Information Services is checked, and then go into the Details screen. Here, you need to be sure that Common Files, FTP server for windows service, and IIS Services are selected. They will probably ask you for your XP CD now, so be sure to have that on hand.


  •  After IIS installs itself, you will have the FTP server for windows, located on your hard drive, under the inepter\taproot folder. It's also unsecure, so at this point, anyone can access your computer. No worries though, go back to Control Panel and click on Administrative Tools, and select Internet Information Services. From there, select your local computer, and FTP sites, and find your personal FTP site (default ftp site), and get ready to edit!
  •  From here, you can alter the name of the server. Click Properties, and you can tinker with the settings. I would not recommend playing with the port number. You may click on the Security tab, and in the bottom section, add usernames and passwords. If you do not, like I mentioned above, your ftp site may be accessed at any time.
  •  Third Party users, you have not been forgotten. Install and begin the set-up program of your choice. During this process, leave the IP address blank, and when it asks for FTP server name, select "Automatic". The program will now ask you if you want to allow anonymous access. If you have read above, this means anyone can access the folders. Set up the account with users and passwords, for your own protection.


As an admin, you can play around with a lot of options, and feel like the server's really your own.
The casual user, if let in anonymously would not do much damage. A tech-savvy user though can create some havoc in your computer. Use caution.

By John, published at 03/30/2012
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Best Quality Copies Of Server For Windows Xp. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.