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Microsoft windows software is probably the most used operating system for the computers. From office to home, this software is used everywhere and from a layman to an IT professional, all are its users. The Microsoft windows software is efficient, easy to use and is able to accommodate the need of the day to day business and home operations.


Since its inception, Microsoft windows software has gone through many changes and up gradation. The first version of Microsoft windows software was launched in 1985 and gained popularity. There were flaws and bugs in that but still it was considered as a great success. This becomes the foundation of today’s windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. After the introduction of Windows 1.0, Microsoft kept on working and after a few attempts, came into existence Microsoft windows software 95, launched in 1995. This was a great revolution in the history of operating system and it was only starting. Then came Windows 98 , Windows Millennium edition, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 7 and now Windows 8. There are different service packs for each of these windows and every new version is better than the other.


One of the best features of Microsoft windows software is its security center. If one used original and registered Microsoft windows, there are very less chances of being attacked by any third or external party. Besides that, the security center keeps giving the update for windows which makes it better after every update. Microsoft windows software security center works with an antivirus. For better performance, the anti virus software should be the one, recommended and accepted by windows.

For better functioning of Microsoft windows software, it is necessary to keep it updated and don’t delete any of its system files without the confirmation. There are some system requirements for every version of the window, recommended by windows makers. These requirements are necessary to be fulfilled for better and effective performance of the Microsoft windows software. If one wants to have a faster system with windows than delete the unused or unwanted programs from the system. Microsoft windows software can clean the system hard disk when needed; it can compress the unused icons and files into one folder, which gives a cleaner desktop.


With the Microsoft windows software, there is some associated software like messenger, notepad, word pad, movie maker and so on. All these software are easy to use and can be of great help when needed. The Windows calculator both scientific and simple is also one of the supportive features of the windows. Another good thing about window’s software is its help and troubleshooting. When stuck in nay program, simply open its help or troubleshooting, read it and find the solution to your problem. The recovery of data in windows operating system is much easier than any other operating system. There is an option for system recovery too in windows. Thus, there are many significant windows features that are of great use for every computer user.

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