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How To Install Windows Ultimate

Published at 03/30/2012 22:21:05

Introduction – Installing Windows Ultimate

Windows ultimate is the high-performance edition of windows 7 and windows vista developed by Microsoft. Microsoft developed the ultimate edition of windows for the first time for windows vista. The edition included more advance features than other editions of the windows.

Step 1

The added features of windows ultimate include high-definition graphics and added security. This edition of windows includes all the features. There are some other editions of windows such as basic, home premium and professional, which offer limited windows usage. However, the windows ultimate edition includes every feature, and it is best for personal use. Usually, an in-home personal computer is where windows ultimate is used.

Step 2

Today windows 7 have this edition available. You can install it easily with the help of Microsoft windows 7 ultimate DVD. The process is simple. However, you need to look at some important things before installing the windows ultimate to your computer.

Step 3

History – Windows ultimate

Microsoft Inc. is one of the top rated software industries of the world. Microsoft windows is one of the favorite operating systems of the world. The dependency on this operating system is increased more. The latest edition of windows ultimate has made the operating system even more valuable and popular. The latest windows version, windows 7 has got a tremendous efficiency than other editions of windows. 

Step 4

The windows ultimate edition is extremely popular these days. you can find it installed on the most of computers. The main reason of having this operating system installed in the computers is the features it offers. There are lots of features offered by windows ultimate edition that are extremely helpful for using the operating system. This is also simple and all the features can be accessed easily.

Step 5

Installing windows ultimate

Installing windows ultimate is a simple process. Here, are the steps that will help you install the windows ultimate to your computer:

• Check the system configuration: This is essential to check the configuration of system before installing the windows ultimate. Your system must meet the minimum configuration to install the windows ultimate properly. The minimum, recommended, configuration is written on the windows DVD cover. If your system meets the requirement, you can proceed to next step.


• Installing the windows: When you insert the windows DVD to computer, the installation steps will be provided on the screen. You have to follow the instructions properly. When the windows option is loaded, you need to select windows ultimate from the list and click next.

• Selecting the drive for installation: The next step that you need to follow is to select the drive where you want to install the windows. You can also empty the drive by using drive options. This will help you install the windows properly. The process will be carried on further. You have to wait only. Computer will reboot couples of times and finally windows ultimate will be installed.

Tips to install windows ultimate

It is recommended that you format the drive that you choose for installing windows ultimate. This will help in proper installation of windows ultimate.