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Features Found on Windows X P


Windows XP was developed from its predecessor’s windows 2000 and Windows NT. It was the first operating system commercially to run on windows kernel and NT architecture. From windows x p, two editions were created; windows x p home and windows XP professional. Here, Windows x p operating system features will be more expounded on.

Features Found on Windows X P

To start off, one of the best feature found on Windows x p is the media center, which, with it brings additional features on windows x p, as compared to the previous versions of Windows. Features found in the media center include: integrated CD burning on CD-R and CD-RW drives into windows explorer which makes saving data on CD so easy, its ability to view and record TV shows, view DVD movies and music. There are also some features on Windows xp tablet PC edition with the capability to run stylus applications built on its platform.

Advanced features found on Windows x p which come in handy are its ability to be reliable providing a more stable environment and better use interface. There is also a scalable memory and processor support which supports up to 4GB of RAM with a very high level of performance, it is portable, fast with an enhanced GUI (Group User Interface), local support and regional options enhancements, a desktop cleanup wizard and ability to support fax usage. There is also improved kernel and power management, which helps cut down on power usage and at the same time give accurate data on the amount of power left for consumption, thus gives user a heads up on power levels.

It also has the ability to log on without requiring a log off from previous user as well as enabled Wi-Fi for the internet browsers, plus it has the capability to support networking between peers thus allowing sharing of folders, printers, peripherals and other important resources. Another fine feature on Windows x p is the windows installer that helps users to install, configure, track, upgrade, and uninstall programs in the right manner, this helps to cut down on time and increase the stability of the system

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Very vital and important features found on Windows x p, are the security features like; the credential manager, software restriction policies which are mechanisms to identify intruding software and control its execution ability. Other security features on Windows x p include windows file protection which protects core system files from being replaced by application installations thus reduces most system failures that have been encountered in previous windows versions. Another security feature on Windows x p is automated system recovery console which gives administrators ability to control services, format drives, edit data and perform other tasks. There is also the inbuilt windows firewall exception list. On windows xp, there is also a feature that has helped reduce reboot scenarios that have been experienced in previous windows versions which saw end users being forced to reboot every now and then.

Last but not least, the most adverse feature found on Windows x p are the service packs (I, II, III) which were designed to fix bugs and security flaws undetected during installation phases and the introduction of software and hardware support updates.



Above are just but a few of the many interesting features that are found on Windows x p operating system, which will suit your purpose or use.

By Hannah, published at 03/31/2012
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Features Found on Windows X P. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.