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5 Reasons Download Windows Messenger

Published at 03/31/2012 21:01:18


Windows Messenger is interactive software by Microsoft that lets it users share files, chat via voice and video. It is able to integrate with previous Microsoft products and offers voice calling. It is an enhancement from MSN messenger and provides uses with a brand new unique experience including enhanced security features. You can download windows messenger for free at “”. Here are few reasons why you or your company need to download windows messenger.


Windows messenger has become very popular due to its ease of use. You need to download windows messenger as it stand out from the rest when it comes to user friendliness. It is an award winning IM chat software with an impressive user interface that makes it very easy to use. It is easily customizable and makes interacting with your friends very easy. It is able to automatically login without any user intervention. Your contacts are easily organized and you get secure links to various sites like FOX sport and CNBC making it easy and convenient to access several entertainment sites at ago.

Video features on windows messenger is another reason you need to download windows messenger. It has been highly rated by users earning it a few awards in the video chat niche. Its real time video chat is extremely superb and will blow any video chat software out of the water anytime. Windows messenger is able to stream live video without prior recording as other video chat software require. You just need to set up your video capture equipment and you are good to go. Its video chat window is able to resize to your desired size making it easy to multitask which is another reason to download windows messenger.


To make a good IM chat software you need to have the perfect customer support. When it comes to user support, you have another reason to download windows messenger as it offer support like no other. A list of frequently asked questions and answers to them is available on their website. Any other queries may be raised via email. You can be assured that none of your queries will go unanswered and any feedback availed will be of very useful.

Another reason you need to download windows messenger is it wide range of features. Apart from file sharing, video chatting and calls, you can enjoy other features like blogging. If you wish to set up a blog which you have ultimate control over, then you have to download windows messenger. With windows messenger, you and your friends can create your own chat rooms and make pc to pc calls in selected networks. The Entertainment tab allows you to easily access a number of radio stations and music highlights.

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Integration is another reason you need to download windows messenger and install it on your computer. Windows messenger takes integration to a whole new level. New releases of windows messenger have integrated facebook chat into the platform. Other interesting integrations are the Xbox and eBay. You can make a quick search on eBay. The Xbox integration allows you view upcoming games, videos and new features available on the Xbox.


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