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What Is on Windows Xp?


In our days, the computer has become a necessity, but without an operating system, it is impossible to work with the respective device. Even if Microsoft released some other versions of Windows, such as Vista and Windows 7, the old Windows XP is still preferred by a large number of people. If you have an older computer, you might think about installing Windows XP on it, but you should first know what you could find on Windows XP CD if you want to install the program effectively. On Windows XP CD, you will find all the needed programs to install the program on your computer, but also the maintenance programs and the network features. On Windows XP CD, you need to find the drivers for all the components of your computer. It is the responsibility of the computer vendor to give you all the needed drivers for the hardware of your computer, but usually on Windows XP CD, you can find the drivers of the respective components by default.


Make sure you have Service Pack 2 or 3 on Windows XP CD. Remove the network cable while installing the Windows XP operating system. Don’t worry, as you will be able to install the network later. For now, it is important to make the program run correctly, and then you can think about installing the network. On Windows XP CD, you must find the drives for the motherboard, the audio and video board, the modem and the SATA hard disk drivers. Start the computer and enter the BIOS first. You need to hit a button on the keyboard for this, usually F5. Find the boot-up settings of the computer and make sure the primary boot device is on Windows XP CD.


After a few seconds, the computer will ask you to press a key to access the files on Windows XP CD. This is the only moment when the computer needs to access the files on this CD. Once this is over, you can enter the BIOS again to instruct the computer to boot directly from the hard drive. It is important to make this change, if you don’t want to have problems with the Install process later.

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You will also be asked to specify the disk where you want the Windows to be installed. The default drive is C:\, and it is a good idea to keep it that way. If the CD detects that you already have an operating system installed there, you will be asked to specify if you want to install a fresh copy of Windows using the files on Windows XP CD, if you want to modify the old Windows, or if you want to install a new copy of the program. It is better to install a new copy of Windows, but only if you are certified that all the important files you have on the drive are backed up. Then, you can sit back and wait for the program to be installed on your computer, and after half an hour, the program will be ready to be used.

By Vlad Stanculescu, published at 04/01/2012
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