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How To Install Double Pane Windows


Many people are using Double Pane Windows instead of the commonly used standard windows. The main intention of doing this is because it can be cleaned easily, reduces the noise, have insulating properties etc. It also protects your home from the direct sun rays. Proper insulation of the roof also has a huge impact on the performance of the Double Pane Windows. Double Pane Windows are also considered to be very resourceful. Depending on the weather, the outer frame of the Double Pane Windows is decided such as wood, fiberglass and aluminum. Installation of Double Pane Windows is very easy but of it is on the roof or any exterior region it might be risky. Below we are going to discuss the installation of Double Pane Windows is 5 easy steps.

Step 1

The requirements for the process of installing the Double Pane Windows are ladder, drilling machine, screws, knifes and the assembly. Make sure you have all these tools before starting the process. The first step is to measure the size of the window. After that measure the size of your windows frame. The fitting must be perfect because of all the reasons stated above. Before fitting the new window, remove all the latex or glue with the help of a knife. If you are using an old window, make sure that the glue on the windows is removed properly before fitting it.

Step 2

On both side of the windows use the tape to mark X This is done for the safety purpose. In case of any accidental mishap, the mark X will help you clean the slices of the glasses and prevent you from any kind of any injuries. After this, use the latex compound on the edges of the windows frame to ensure that the window is tightly fitted so that air doesn’t leak in and to make it waterproof.

Step 3

Place the window by holding the frame of the window into the opening. This process must be done very cautiously. If you are not able to do this single handedly you can also take somebody’s help to do it. Using an extra hand will not make the job easier but also good. In case of the improper handling of the window it might result in broken glass or a faulty installation of the windows. After fitting it in the space, insert the screws which generally come with the package. If the screws are not provided with the package buy it from the hardware store. Drill the screws properly and ensure that it is not too tight. This is a crucial part of the installation of Double Pane Windows.

Step 4

Install a new trim or if necessary use an old trim. To give the trim constant looks, paint it before the installation of the Double Pane Windows. Cover the screws properly using the putty and let it dry. After some time use the sand paper to smoothen it out and if looses any paint repaint it.

Step 5

The last step is to ensure that the window is fitted properly and it is opening and closing properly or not.


Remove all the unnecessary marks and sticks with the help of a cleaner. It is strongly recommended that you use all kind of protection gear for safety purpose.

you can find further help from online websites.

By AJ, published at 04/05/2012
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