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How To Fix a Windows Error


If there is one thing Windows is infamously famous for,   it is the endless supply of Windows error messages. Unlike Apple, where products "JUST WORK", at Microsoft the motto should be, "IT NEVER WORKS". From hardware limitations, version limitations, viruses, malware, difficult and unintuitive systems and designs, it seems like Windows is a jumble of errors messages waiting to happen.

As a matter of fact, thousand of people and experts make there living solving Microsoft's mistakes, we call them IT experts, or more famously, the "have you turned your computer off and then on again?" guys.

Just in case you don't have a sarcastic IT tech support guy at your disposal, we'll show the five easiest ways to trouble shoot a Windows error.


Step 1

The first step to fixing a Windows error, and this step assumes that the problem isn't with your internet connection or browser, is to run a Google search of the code error, as doing so will most likely not only tell you what the error code means, how it came about, what can be done about, and how detrimental it is, and whether or not it's the result of a virus.

Depending on the problem that the error code is referring to, you may or may not be able to solve it yourself.



Step 2

The second step to fixing a Windows error,  and here comes the cliche, turn your computer off and then on, most error codes are result of the Kernel written by Microsoft (which is crap), not doing its job well, this mean that your BIOS setting have been compromised, the easier way to solve this is to run a cold boot, and the easiest way to run a cold boot is to turn off your laptop or desktop, then turn it back on again.


Step 3

The third step when fixing a Windows error,  is to run a virus sweep, then a repair job, then a systems clean up. After you've exhausted your self doing these tasks, try and do what you were doing when the error code showed up, if it does not show up again, congratulations! You've solved the issue. If it does, well then, this really isn't your day is it?

In case cleaning, sweeping and checking the system didn't work, it is onto the next step, which has a 90 percent chance of solving all your error code problems.


Step 4

The fourth step to fixing a Windows error, is a complete and brand new installation of the operating system, a fresh start for everything. Before you decide to wipe out your system and reinstall it, make you sure you back up your files individually on a external hard drive, do not, and I repeat, DO NOT clone or back up your entire system.

Also refrain from copying, saving or backing up software or binary files, just move your songs, movies, books and pictures, onto an external hard drive. Then disconnect all peripherals except the power cord, and reinstall a fresh OS.


Step 5

Did none of the above steps help towards fixing the Windows error? Oh boy, if that's the case, then you have no choice but to take it to a professional and get it fixed, but the above four steps will almost not fail.



Surf smart, don't click on suspicions banner and adverts.

Don't surf malicious websites.

Clean out your cache with regularity and run system sweeps once a month at least.


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By Mohseen Lala, published at 04/03/2012
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