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Requirements Windows Must Have


Windows is an operating system without which, any computer is useless. Windows is done manually but after the setup is started you only have to sit back and it will automatically install all the necessary items. Windows is also of different types. In the starting era of computers different windows were introduced lie windows 1, windows 2. Than with the passage of time and more inventions, newly equipped windows were introduces like windows 98, windows millennium, windows 2000, windows XP, windows vista, windows 7 and now windows 8 is the latest edition. These all windows are different from each other and they have exclusive features as well. There are several windows editions and they all need different windows requirements. Windows requirements can be of different types like windows requirements can be the requirements of system. And windows requirements can also be meant as the requirement of any windows like its soft wares, drivers, anti-viruses etc. So this is necessary to meet all the windows requirements as to make it useful and let it work properly.


There is a huge list of the programs and soft wares that are necessary to install. By installing these programs you can give a new look to your windows. This is also a fact that if you will meet all the windows requirements, only then you windows will work properly and will give you quality usage. There are some basic windows requirements, which can be properly installed drivers for VGA, sound card, gaming card, modem, LAN and many more. These are the basic things and should be considered important on priority basis. There are so many other programs and soft wares that are must to be installed. WinRAR, antiviruses, media players, adobe acrobat, Microsoft office, adobe reader, flash players, internet browsers, messengers etc. these all are the basic windows requirements.


Windows requirements can be countless because you can install the program according to your needs. Every profession has different programs and soft wares specifically designed for their business. Computer software houses have their own windows requirements, people working in travel agencies and stock markets have different windows requirements. So, you can upgrade your windows according to your own requirements and needs. There are some things that are must for the windows like, file backup software, browsers, codecs, emulators, encryption, file managers, HTML editors, instant messaging, video calls, security system, plugins, firewalls, privacy tools and so many other programs.


These all are said to be the basic windows requirements for any kind of windows and people do install them according to their wishes and needs. Games are also the basic parts of windows because most of the people love to play different games. So, 3D card and other high resolution gaming cards are also required to do proper gaming. If you are using windows, you should keep all these programs in mind and you should also fulfill all the windows requirements to get the better and improved results. Appropriate programs and soft wares will give a great speed to your windows.

By Mariah John, published at 04/03/2012
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