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Before getting into the detailed discussion of windows XP software I would like to describe that in this article I will discuss few software’s that we can implement in windows XP environment. First I would like to discuss the security software that is used in windows XP. After doing hardening the only process that should be kept in mind before getting started towards anything else is the Security which is the most essential thing among all. Avira is windows XP software that is widely used for the purpose of security and to enhance the feature of security for windows users. To install security software which is provided by the library of windows XP software to help protect your computer is one of the highest recommendations. All you need to do is to keep your antivirus programs up to date so that you can avoid threats.


Some companies use products that appear to be antivirus programs to install viruses or malware on your computer. When you install the program, you might also be installing the virus or other malware, without knowing it. Many companies, including those listed on this page, distribute antivirus programs. You should carefully investigate the source of antivirus and other products before downloading and installing them.


For providing the feature of music to user’s windows XP software that is most common among users is Windows Media Player. Microsoft provides a software named as Windows media player is providing the functionality of media player and media library application. This software is used for playing video and audio files on users system. This can also be used for viewing images on your computer. This software is also compatible with the Windows Mobile-based devices and Pocket PC. Mac OS, Mac OS X and Solaris also introduced the latest versions which are compatible with windows media player. Windows Media Player provides the ability to rip music from and allow their users to copy music to compact discs In addition to being a media player. The other features of windows media player is to being able to burn recordable discs with playlists such as an MP3 CD in an Audio CD format or synchronize your content with a digital audio player. It also allows all users to rent or purchase music from a many of online music stores available on internet.

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Microsoft Calculator Plus is another application referred as windows XP software. Many different types of conversions can be performed by this software. All mathematical functions of Microsoft Calculator are also offered in this application. It is freeware and Microsoft does not support PSS. At the side of end users the usage of calculator is completely voluntary. No warranties with respect to the Calculator or the accuracy of any information from Microsoft. As well as express or implied calculations or conversion estimations generated as a result of its usage have no conformity from Microsoft. European Central Bank is responsible for the Exchange rates. However this application is specially optimized for the use of windows XP.

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