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About the Xp Windows Service


XP windows service is a miniature application that runs every time you start your PC. Windows XP uses these services to handle some of its operating system’s core functions. It is created using the Visual Studio Application. A computer running on windows operating system has an installation utility (InstallUtil) used to install the XP windows service. There are quite a number of individual services that come with windows XP. XP windows service is a very necessary utility for windows XP to function effectively.

About Xp Windows Service

As much as these XP windows services are important, there are some non-essential ones which can be done away with or can be disabled and restored later on. An XP windows service console is responsible for restoring such.

There are quite a number of XP windows services, some tagged as automatic, while others are under the manual mode. Those tagged under automatic include: DHCP client, DNS client, plug and play, event log, print spooler, Remote Procedure Call, the themes, protected storage XP windows service, Windows Management Instrumentation and the Windows Image Acquisition.

XP windows services tagged on manual mode are: clipbook, Net Logon, cryptographic services, Machine Debug Manager, Remote Procedure Call Manager, Telephony, windows installer, Application Manager, Application Layer Gateway XP windows service, Computer Browser, Remote Access Auto Connection Manager, extensions and many others which are usually under the disabled mode. It is important as well that these services be managed well.

With the ever changing technology, every new XP windows service seems to be getting large and more resource intensive. If you have an old computer and have installed these new services, your machine is likely to experience problems with its performance. Upgrading your machine is the better solution for this problem, but might prove to be very costly and difficult to install. Windows has a XP windows service in-built called System Configuration Utility (MSConfig) which helps with system upgrade. It helps disable services not in need, thus free system resources and improve system performance/speed. One has to be very cautious when disabling any XP windows service, because disabling the wrong XP windows service might cause system to crash, loss of functionality that is critical and even system instability. So there are certain guides for you to follow so as to know which XP windows service to disable or completely delete. There are a few XP windows services that can be safely disabled due to their not so much use.

Some more information

The Remote Registry XP windows service which enables remote users modify computer’s registry settings. Of course it’s a security hazard for most users because read/write access to a computer’s registry could be hacked by mischievous users to take over the system. It is rarely used due to security hazard, thus strongly recommended to be disabled.

There is Indexing XP windows service which indexes contents and properties of files on remote computers and provide access to files through flexible querying language. This service is known for resource hog and causes slow performance of many windows systems because it attempts to index every file on the system to make searching easier. Not every user searches files that often, thus doesn’t ripe any benefit from it. By safely disabling it, there would be improvement in system performance.

Then there is the Distributed Link Tracking Client. This XP windows service maintains the linkage between NTFS files within a system or across systems in a network domain. It automatically starts with windows. It applies to logical links between NTFS files. So when you modify a file’s location, this link automatically updates this new location. It’s not that required a feature as such, especially with home users, so it can safely be disabled. If you have FAT32 file systems, this XP windows service is of no use at all, rather than eating up memory, so it’s advisable to disable it.


There are so many windows services. Each XP windows service has its own function, some of importance while others just obsolete. Its highly recommended to know the windows services of great use and those of no use, just in case one needs to carry out any modifications or upgrade of his/her computer system.

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