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How To Get a Windows Vista Key

Published at 04/06/2012 02:59:37


So you have Windows Vista and want a Windows key for it. Well genuinely you should just go and buy one through the Microsoft official website. They sell product keys online along with the Windows software pack. Still not everyone wants to pay that much for a key. You can always get it through other sources. The first is if your Windows came with a registered Windows Vista then you can get the product key through the sticker that’s attached to the bottom of the laptop. It is right under the battery pack, a little green sticker that has the serial, product id and key oriented. However, if you just upgraded your system you can download fake keys from many websites.

Step 1

First go to or any other website that supports downloading torrent file. Note that you need to install a torrent downloader like Utorrent or Bittorrent first. Once you’re on the webpage search for “Windows Vista plus key”.

Step 2

When you search it, you’ll results showing you Windows Vista activator plus key. The file should be in GBs so you’ll have the installation file to Windows Vista as well. The product key will allow you to start the installation of the Windows Vista Operating system software.

Step 3

Click on any of the results and look for a torrent file that has three file, a product key file in text document form, an installation or setup file in.exe format and a Windows Vista activator also in exe format.

Step 4

Once downloaded copy all three file on to your desktop of the Windows you’re currently using. If you downloaded a RAR file or a ZIP file you’ll need to extract the files using software like WINRAR or WINZIP.

Step 5

Before you start installation open the key text file and note down the product key written in 1234-234325-3242342-32 format. This is your product key which will activate the installation process for Windows Vista.

Step 6

Now that you’ve downloaded and pasted the files, activate the installer and the installation process will start. The first blue screen will display an introduction on the operating system and give you an overview of the company’s copyrights and other license details. Now they will prompt you for the Product key. The product key that you noted on a separate paper needs to be typed in here on this screen. Once you’ve typed the key in, the installation of Windows Vista will start.

Tips and Comments

Note that you cannot copy paste the product key into the product key box. It has to be typed in so make sure you have the entire serial key noted on a paper. If even a single digit is incorrect or out of place the installation window will restrict from commencing. Once the installation is complete you can use the activator file to genuinely register your Windows online. You can access the activator through Windows Vista by going to the previous Windows file in local disk C and entering the desktop folder. Make sure to copy the activator file on to the main desktop of Vista before starting it.