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How To Update Microsoft Windows Small Business Server


Microsoft business server or presently called windows business server is a server that has integrated features of both internet and intranet works that is meant for running small scale businesses. This special type of operating system is nothing but a customized form of the SKU that is the special product code number which facilitates sales. Windows business server has several versions and is integrated along with the respective operating systems. The windows server can be directly updated by simply referencing the version that you have bought. Following are the details about the various versions and the ways to update it:

Step 1

Step 1:

The updates to specific versions of the windows business server are available till the version that was released in the year 2011. You can opt for updating the pack but in addition to that you must need to install the pack that is meant for the clients on all the client computers. If you have any doubt regarding this updating and installation process then get proper help.

Step 2

Step 2:

Before updating make sure that you have enabled the Microsoft update option in the server computer. After the installation of the windows business server and revival of the getting started window in the computer, then only you will be alerted about enabling the Microsoft update option. In case you do not enable it, the computer will show a pop up saying that the updating process has been incomplete. You can resolve the problem by simply by clicking on the getting started pane. Follow the instructions that will appear on the screen and the enabling will be done in the course.

Step 3

Step 3:

Various problems are solved when this update is completed. If there is any problem with the retrieval or deletion of the details of a client from the data server, then proper updating and restarting the machine is the only effective thing that can be helpful. Windows business server often shows errors while you try to register a domain name that consists of multi levels. In that case, you go for updating the server.

Step 4

Step 4:

To get the download updated version you need to visit the official page of Microsoft and choose the “windows update” option. Windows business server starts giving various error issues and updating becomes essential to resolve these issues. But there are certain requirements that you must fulfill to attain this update. The first and foremost prerequisite is that you must already have the installed version of that windows business server running in your business computers.

Step 5

Step 5:

It is recommended that you restart your machine after the completion of the windows business server update. The latest updated version of the package is now installed in your machine. You cannot switch back to some other older version of windows business server. You can reject the update though, using the removal option ion your computer’s control panel.


The different versions can work for a specific number of users. The updating process is very easy and can be performed using the product code that you have received while buying the windows business server pack.


By Ignat Victor, published at 04/06/2012
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