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How To Download a Windows Update

Published at 02/08/2012 21:59:00


In order to keep your private data that you store on your PC safe from the hackers that roam the Internet nowadays, looking to snatch up any personal information about you, or in order to use it for profit, you will need to secure your PC the best you can. One of the most important things to consider when securing your PC is to download Windows updates on a regular basis.

Step 1

Microsoft is continuously working on improving the security of its operating system, so they recommend that their users actively and regularly download windows updates, that not only fix security issues that hackers can exploit but they also fix regular bugs that may impair your work when using the Windows operating system. So it is necessary that you always download Windows updates in order to receive full satisfaction from the products you use on your computer.

Step 2

To download Windows updates you will need an Internet connection to access the Microsoft site and find the desired updates, or the ones that you require for your regular work on the PC.

Step 3

Another possibility to download Windows updates is to allow Windows to make automatic updates which is what Microsoft usually recommends. You might have noticed that when automatic updates are turned off from Windows an alert will be displayed, suggesting that you must download Windows updates in order to keep your PC safe. Sometimes these updates are not crucial and some may not be properly tested so it is recommended that you download windows updates manually so that you have control over the software that is on your computer.

Step 4

Sometimes various malicious software, like trojans, spyware, adware and so on will deactivate the automatic update for Windows. This should point out that it is crucial that you download windows updates on a regular basis in order to stay safe.
To download Windows updates it is best to go on the Microsoft website where you can find all the necessary security updates you should be having.
Usually when you download Windows updates you can see that the most important updates are combined into one package, called service packs. These updates are usually carefully tested so they do not cause other issues, and are proven to be stable so the best things you can download for windows are the latest service packs that contain all the security fixes and updates. It is known that some of these updates will cause problems with certain older software that were not thought to be compatible with the various security changes that Microsoft implements.

Step 5

But it is crucial that you download Windows updates to keep up with the efforts of hackers that constantly look for holes in the security of Windows operating system. You might even want to consider not using software that has problems with the latest security updates since they might themselves contain malicious code that can not only make your PC unusable but also steal your most personal information like credit card information or even your entire identity.
Once these hackers acquire your identity they can use it for various malicious purposes.
So stay safe and regularly download Windows updates.


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