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8 Tips For Windows Live Messenger

What is Windows Live Messenger?

Windows Live Messenger Windows version of a chat utility for you to use to communicate with your friends, through typing and sending messages back and forth to one another. It allows you to easily keep in touch with friends and family members while using your computer. It is free for anyone to use. All you need to do is register for a Windows Live ID, and download the Live Messenger Windows software. Install, set up your preferences, and enjoy your conversations.

Step 1

Access your Live Messenger Windows friends from any place where you would log in with your Windows ID. It doesn't have to be your computer. They are integrated into your email server, so you can see them anywhere you can access your email, not just from your Live Messenger Windows platform.

Step 2

Add personality to your Live Messenger Windows conversations by using emoticons. These are little faces that can be used to express emotion. To use them, you can either click the smiley face icon in the lower left of the IM box and choose from the menu that appears, or type any number of shortcuts - like ':)' - that will autmatically turn into a smiley face.

Step 3

Change your font or text color in Live Messenger Windows chat boxes by clicking the small button on the bottom of the chat window that looks like a letter A and a letter B separated by a line. You can change the color to any that you would like, and can add effects like bold or italics. These changes are visible to friends that you chat with as well.

Step 4

You can even change the color of your Live Messenger Windows chat boxes and main window using the button on the bottom of the chat window that appears to be two overlapping squares. You can use any number of fun colors, or subdued colors to rest your eyes. These background color changes are not visible to your friends, they only take effect on your own computer.

Step 5

Go offline when you don't want to talk to your Live Messenger Windows friends. You can still be logged in and see their status, but what you do and the fact that you are online will be hidden from them. This can be useful for those friends who insist on messaging you even when you are set to a busy or away status.

Step 6

Utilize the icons at the bottom of the main window of Live Messenger Windows. With these you can do things such as check your email, look for jobs, sign into Netflix, or check out MSN News.

Step 7

Group your friends. In Live Messenger Windows, you can place your friends into categories. You may have one for coworkers, one for family, and one for friends. You can then change your settings for each group, or go offline to certain groups but not others.

Step 8

Make use of the availability statuses available. This way you can easily let others know when you are away from the computer, or are busy and prefer not to talk. All they have to do is look at their Live Messenger Windows screen and see a different color by your name that indicates your status.


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By Ashley Hudson, published at 02/10/2012
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8 Tips For Windows Live Messenger. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.